Secondary Education

General Education Induction Program


The purpose of the General Education Induction Program is to provide teachers who hold a preliminary Multiple or Single-Subject Teaching Credential with the opportunity to hone their strengths and explore areas of interest, and to earn the California Clear Credential. Candidates will be guided by a program coordinator, instructors of the Induction Implementation Plan-focused courses EED 502 and SED 505, and a support provider at the K-12 school site.

Program Requirements 

A. Admission Requirements 

  1. Valid California Preliminary Credential in Multiple Subject or Single Subject.
  2. Verification of employment as a teacher at a public elementary or secondary school or a completed Verification of Fieldwork Educational Setting form.

B. Course Requirements 

Semester 1

  • EED 502 Introduction to Induction (3)
  • Elective Course (3)

Semester 2

  • SED 505 Completing the Induction Experience (3) 
  • Elective Course (3)

The two-elective courses are selected from a listing of master's-course offerings in the Elementary and Secondary Education departments, with approval from the program coordinator and specific course instructors.

Total Units Required for the Credential: 12

C. Fieldwork Requirement:

All induction candidates are required to complete a set of structured Induction-Process assignments in K-12 schools and classrooms. These assignments are built into EED 502 and SED 505 coursework and are guided by a Support Provider.

Induction candidates who are employed as teachers of record in a position that requires the credential being cleared will complete these assignments in their own teaching settings.

Induction candidates who are substitute teachers, teach in a private school, or are not employed as a teacher will complete these assignments in a structured field experience (minimum of 72 hours for each of EED 502 and SED 505) in an appropriate setting, i.e., a public school classroom where the teaching position requires the credential being cleared.

Learn more about the program on the Credential Office website.

For advisement for secondary-level teachers admitted to the Induction Program, please contact:

For advisement for elementary-level teachers admitted to the Induction Program, please contact: Dr. Joyce Burstein at