Secondary Education

English Four-Year Integrated Program

Earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Preliminary Single Subject Credential in Mathematics in Four Years.

Advisor: Dr. Lauren Byler

Year 1

ENGL 155 (GE: A1)3ENGL 258*3
MATH 131 (GE: A3)3ENGL 275*3
RS 101 (or other GE: C3)3BIO 100 (or other GE: B1)3
GE: B23COMS 151 (GE: A4)3
GE: B21ENGL 296D* FE2
GE: E1  

Year 2

ENGL 259*3ENGL 363*3
ENGL 355*3WS 310* (GE: F2)3
BIO 285 (GE: B1)2COMS 104 (GE: C2)3
AAS 201, PAS 204, CHS 202 (GE: A2)3PSY 352 (GE: D)3
GE: F13EPC 496S (GE: D) FE

Year 3

ENGL 416* or 417*3ENGL 436* or 438*3
English Elective* (see list)3Am Lit Elective* (see list)3
HSCI 466ADO1ENGL 302*3
SED 511 (Cred) FE3SPED 401C2
GE: E3SED 5143

Year 4

ENGL 406*3ENGL 495*3
SED 425WRI (Cred)1SED 521 (Cred) FE1
ENGL 405*3SED 555 (Cred) FE6
ENGL 429*1  
SED 425LIT (Cred)3Total units121
SED 554 (Cred) FE4Major units 47 
TOTAL15Preliminary Credential units31

PLUS two TITLE V courses (intersession or summer):

  • 1 prior to Year 2 Spring Semester
  • 1 prior to Year 4 Spring Semester

FE = Field Experience

FYI-English Courses

AAS 201Race, Racism, and Critical Thinking3
AAS/ARMN/CHS/ELPS/PAS 417Equity and Diversity in Schools3
CHS 202Race, Racism, and Critical Thinking3
COMS 151/LPublic Speaking with Lab3
COMS 309Advanced Public Speaking3
ENGL 258Survey of English Literature3
ENGL 259Survey of English Literature3
ENGL 155Freshman Composition3
ENGL 250FEPerspectives on English Studies: From Text to Classroom3
ENGL 275Major American Writers3
ENGL 301Language and Linguistics3
ENGL 302Introduction to Modern Grammar3
ENGL 311History of African-American Writing3
ENGL 355Writing About Literature3
ENGL 363Study of Poetry3
ENGL 371Issues in Jewish-American Writing3
ENGL 406Advanced Expository Writing for Teachers3
ENGL 416Shakespeare: Selected Plays3
ENGL 417Shakespeare: Survey3
ENGL 429Literature for Adolescents3
ENGL 436Major Critical Theories3
ENGL 438Critical Approaches to Literature3
ENGL 495ESMSenior Seminar in Literature for English Subject Matter Prog3
Am Lit Ext StudyAny upper division ENGL American literature course3 See below
Brit Lit Ext StudyAny upper division ENGL British literature course3 See below
EPC 420Psychological Foundations of Adolescence3
HSCI 466ADOHealth Concerns of the Adolescent
MATH 131 Mathematical Ideas 
PAS 204 Race and Critical Thinking 
PSY 312Psychological Aspects of Parenthood3
RS 101The Bible3
SED 511Fundamentals of Secondary Education in Multiethnic Secondary Schools3
SED 514Computers in the Instructional Programs3
SED 521Literacy, Language, and Learning in Multiethnic Secondary Schools3
SED 525ENMethods of Teaching English3
SED 554Supervised Field Experience and Seminar4
SED 555Supervised Practicum and Seminar6
SPED 401CInclusive Education2
TH 473/LDramatic Performance in the Secondary Language Arts Curriculum3

FYI-English Extended Study Options

British Literature Course - Choose 1
 ENGL 443English Literature of the Middle Ages
ENGL 449 The English Renaissance 
ENGL 452 17th Century Literature 
ENGL 456 The Age of Enlightenment 
ENGL 458 The Romantic Age 
ENGL 460 The Victorian Age 
ENGL 461 Modern British Literature 
ENGL 462 Contemporary British Literature 
ENGL 466 Major British Novelists I 
ENGL 467 Major British Novelists II 
ENGL 468 Major British Novelists III 
American Literature Course - Choose 1
ENGL 473American Literature 1607-18603
ENGL 474American Literature 1860-19123
ENGL 475American Literature 1912-19453
ENGL 476Contemporary American Literature3
ENGL 477Major American Novelists I3
ENGL 478Major American Novelists II3

General Education Designations

BSBasic Skills
AR&EWAnalytical Reading and Expository Writing
CTCritical Thinking
OCOral Communication
SESubject Explorations (At least 1 course must include Information Competence (IC))
NSNatural Sciences AH Arts and Humanities
AHArts and Humanities
SSSocial Sciences
LLLifelong Learning
CCSComparative Cultural Studies - Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity Studies, and Foreign Languages
Title VU.S. History and Local Government (Parts 1 and 2)