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There is a place for you as an educator!

These are interesting, exciting and challenging times in education. Locally and nationally there is a great need for teachers, counselors, administrators, special educators, nurses, and a variety of other personnel at all levels of education, pre-school through college. There is a demand for educators who are capable, who care about people and have both a compelling vision about teaching and learning and leadership abilities. A career in education automatically puts you at the forefront of advancing our society. Whether helping a child learn to read or teaching college physics, you can make a difference!

There are many educational careers in which you can specialize. As an Elementary Educator, you can be a generalist or content expert. The same is true in Middle Grades Education. High schools provide many areas in which to concentrate as Secondary School Educators. In addition to teaching however, you can work as an Administrator, Counselor, School Nurse, School Psychologist, Pre-School Educator, Special Educator, Physical Educator, Speech Pathologist, Health Educator and many more.

If you are interested in a position in four-year or community colleges, you can become a professor in a subject matter field or work in areas like Student Services or Administration. In addition, a variety of agencies and businesses outside of P-14 schools and colleges also employ Family Marriage Therapists, or educators for professional training and personnel development.

If you are service oriented, there is a need and place for you in education. The faculty of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education look forward to having you join our educational community and helping you realize your education goals.

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