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Welcoming Angélica Galván

September 1, 2022

Angélica Galván is a new addition to the Counseling Program in the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department at CSUN. She completed her doctorate in Counselor Education at The Pennsylvania State University. Angélica has a background in clinical mental health counseling and working with students with disabilities in the college setting. She also has experience in crisis counseling and substance use counseling in English and Spanish.

Her research interests include multicultural counseling, counselor training practices, building a sense of belonging for minoritized and international students, and the effects of language use on the counseling relationship. She was elected as a 2022 AARC Emerging Leader and has received multiple grants for her research. Angélica has taught a variety of core and clinical counseling courses which include Counseling Skills, Theories, Group Counseling, Multicultural Counseling, Assessment, Career Counseling, Advanced Multicultural Counseling and Leadership, and Practicum. She is excited to work with CSUN students and serve the Los Angeles area.