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Virtual Celebrations & Recognitions

May 21, 2020

Though we could not hold our usual in-person graduation and completion ceremonies this semester, we look forward to celebrating with you in person in the future when possible. In the meantime, our college is still committed to celebrating everyone who completed their programs. Each department put together some kind of virtual celebration for their students, such as congratulatory videos, special messages on their websites and social media platforms, and mailed completion packets. We want to celebrate you all and recognize your many achievements!

Cheers to the class of 2019-2020!

Department of Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies has 152 graduates this year, and has sent them an e-card with a link to a commemoratory webpage with a list of graduates and a congratulatory video from the faculty. The e-card also requested graduates to post their celebration photos using the hashtag #CSUNDeafStudies2020.

Department of Educational Leadership & Policies Studies/Doctoral Program

The ELPS department sent short videos of congratulations from the faculty to their students, as well as a virtual graduate certificate of recognition. Additionally, a congratulatory announcement was posted on the ELPS website.

Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling

EPC programs held virtual celebrations for their graduates via Zoom. Faculty wore regalia, and used the time to say some inspirational words to their students and catch up on what they are doing professionally.

Department of Elementary Education

For their credential and M.A. program completers, the EED Office emailed congratulatory postcards, and also posted a message on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Department of Special Education

SPED recorded a Zoom Graduation Ceremony on May 5th . This included a virtual graduation background designed by IntersectLA, a Pomp and Circumstance intro, greetings by the chair, a slideshow of graduates, words of wisdom from a faculty member, and an ASL music video. Their 40 graduates also received a graduation kit with a customized note, CSUN pendant, MDECOE swag, and decorations. The department designed a Padlet where students, their families and friends, and faculty could leave messages and pictures of congratulations and inspiration. The goal was that graduates set up their decorations before they watch the ceremony, and invite family and friends to join in as well.

Department of Secondary Education

To replace their annual Outstanding Student Teacher and Intern Reception, the Secondary Education Department created a PowerPoint presentation where each of the 17 outstanding student teachers and Interns (and the two winners of the Mary Snyder Memorial Scholarship) got a page with their photo, a written tribute by their University Supervisor, and the name of their Mentor Teacher. All outstanding student teachers, Interns, and their Mentors also received an electronic certificate.

Office of the Dean

A congratulatory note was posted on the College website from the Dean of the College, Shari Tarver Behring. This message recognized the various Departments from which our students are graduating, acknowledged our students completing credentials, and recognized all of the honored students and scholarship recipients in the college. The college also sent out a congratulatory Zoom background to all continuing and completing students in recognition of their achievements.