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UC/CSU Collaborative for Neuroscience, Diversity and Learning

February 26, 2024

A child with an outline of a brain superimposed

The UC/CSU Collaborative for Neuroscience, Diversity and Learning brings together resources from the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems with an overall goal to strengthen educational support for students with diverse learning needs. One specific aspect of this work focuses on the preparation of educators to address the needs of students with or at risk of dyslexia. To this end, faculty from UCLA and CSU campuses are developing a series of freely accessible E-learning modules, focused on dyslexia. Designed for use primarily, but not exclusively, in teacher preparation programs, the modules explore the complexities of defining, assessing, and teaching students with dyslexia, within the context of today’s diverse communities, families, and student populations.

The Dyslexia Modules are rendered particularly significant given the adoption of California’s new Literacy Program Standards and Teaching Performance Expectations (2022). These explicitly require teacher preparation programs to incorporate the California Dyslexia Guidelines (2017)in Multiple Subject, Single Subject English Language Arts, and Education Specialist Credential programs. To support programs in meeting the new literacy standards, the modules align with, expand upon, and update the Dyslexia Guidelines.

Module content is grounded in the most current interdisciplinary research with contributions from UCLA and CSU neuroscientists, reading researchers and teacher educators.  Three modules (Introduction to Dyslexia, Dyslexia and the Brain and Screening and Assessment for Dyslexia) are currently available on the E-learning tab at Soon to be available will be modules focused on early childhood, multilingual learners, and instruction. CSUN faculty participating in this effort include Renee Ziolkowska and Dominic Grasso (Elementary Education), and Rachel Friedman Narr and Vanessa Goodwin (Special Education). Sue Sears (CSUN, Special Education) and Maryanne Wolf (UCLA) serve as the Collaborative’s Co-faculty Directors.