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New Certificate Program in Program Evaluation

July 28, 2014

New certificate program in Program Evaluation available to current CSUN graduate students and graduates holding a Master's degree!!! New course offering in Advanced Educational Statistics!!!!

The new Program Evaluation in Education and Education Related Settings Certificate will be available this fall 2014 semester in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Students can now apply by contacting Dr. Pete Goldschmidt at

In fall 2014, a new course requirement for this certificate will be offered, EPC, 614 and 614L ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS and associated LAB on Wednesdays 7-10PM. In addition we also are offering EPC 602 Research Principles (Thursdays 7-10PM) and 684 Program Evaluation and Assessment (Wednesdays 4-7PM) as other courses in this certificate program. Please contact Dr. Goldschmidt if you are interested in taking any of these courses. A description of our newest course is below:

EPC 614/L. Advanced Educational Statistics (3/1)

Prerequisite: EPC 600 or equivalent and EDUC 600 or EPC 602. Provides statistical background necessary to critically analyze and carry out research in educational contexts. It extends knowledge and skills of frequently used statistical concepts including analysis of variance and covariance, regression analysis, and nonparametric analysis. Applications of these concepts are pursued in the laboratory with data sets utilizing SPSS to prepare students to complete research and evaluation studies in educational settings.

Application Requirements for the Program Evaluation in Education and Education Related Settings Certificate are:

  • Completed a master’s degree from an accredited university/college OR be concurrently enrolled in an Educational Psychology and Counseling Master’s Degree Program.
  • Have been in good standing at the last institution attended.
  • Held at least a 2.50 grade point average in the last 60 semester/90 quarter units attempted, independent of when a degree was granted.
  • Completed EPC 600 Educational Statistics for Research and Measurements or an accepted equivalent with a B or better within the past 7 years.