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Meet Jessica Lee (’06, ’14), Chief of Staff, Product at ZipRecruiter

August 11, 2021

Jessica recently joined the CSUN Michael D. Eisner College of Education Alumni Chapter Board and is excited to bring her years of experience in corporate Tech strategy, paired with her education background, to the team.  Read on to learn more about Jessica, why she choose CSUN, and what she hopes to accomplish as a leader within the chapter.

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Chief of Staff, Product at ZipRecruiter CSUN, Bachelors, Journalism, ‘06 CSUN, Masters, Education Curriculum & Instruction, ‘14 USC, Doctor of Education, ‘18


I first joined the Matador family at CSUN for my undergraduate studies in Journalism and was drawn back for more years later for my Masters in Education.

I attribute my education at CSUN to really opening my mind to true critical thinking and social justice education that were embedded in this university's ethos well before the prevalence we're seeing now.

Regardless of your domain knowledge, CSUN's work in ensuring every student walks out with a deeper understanding of their space and a North Star to guide their impactful practice in the real world is crucial to the betterment of our society and the ripple effect we hope education provides at every level and in our local community and beyond.

The commitment this university has had to that very principle has inspired the professional and personal growth I live and the experience and knowledge CSUN provided is invaluable.

For that, I hope to serve as an impactful board member to the Alumni Chapter and want to ensure my experience here is not a rare one.

Our educational experience here is not one limited to the classroom but is merely the start to the ongoing support an alumni network can and should provide.

It is with that mission in mind that I serve on our Alumni Board and will contribute to the resourcefulness this board can provide not only its alumni, but current students and community of dedicated professionals as well.

We look longingly back at our college experiences because of the way it made us feel and the way it kept feeding our hungry minds and hearts.

There's no reason for that to end! 

We encourage all Michael D. Eisner College of Education graduates to join the Education Alumni Chapter and become part of a growing group of Matadors who gain access to wonderful benefits while supporting the next generation of CSUN alumni.  Join Us (it’s free!) today.