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Lissa Stapleton Publishes New Book

April 14, 2021

Lissa Stapleton



It’s Not Over Yet: Black History Month ends, but Black lives matter year round

Check out the #1 New book release in Inclusive Education MethodsBlack Deaf Lives Matter: A fun coloring & activity book about Black Deaf life, history, culture & sign languages.


Contact Name: Lissa Ramirez-Stapleton
Instagram: @Blackdeafeducation

FONTANA, CA (February 2021)-- In Dr. Lissa Ramirez-Stapleton’s new book, Black Deaf Lives Matter: A fun coloring & activity book about Black Deaf life, history, culture & sign languages, Deaf Black culture is the star of the show. In Black Deaf Lives Matter children can engage in learning about Black Deaf role models, history, and movements through an activity book aimed at ages 9 and up. In her beautifully illustrated activity book, Dr. Ramirez-Stapleton helps children bring the history, hardships, and joys of Black Deaf culture to life. Equal parts informative and fun, Black Deaf Lives Matter highlights this vibrant community. This one of a kind educational activity book is ideal for...

  • Supplementing classroom curriculums
  • After school fun
  • Independent learning
  • Family fun time

This activity book honors the Black Lives Matter movement and focuses on the contributions, activism, history, and culture of Black Deaf Lives. Dr. Ramirez-Stapleton states, “As we fight for justice, our movements and all forms of activism must be accessible and inclusive of the diversity within the Black community.” No one person, classroom, or moment can teach our children how power and privilege work in the U.S., why self-love and loving others are critical, what it means to be in solidarity with others and so many other important lessons. Thus the goal of this coloring activity book is to create an interactive way to start conversations about race, racism, and audism (discrimination against Deaf communities), as well as introduce the Black history, Black Deaf culture, and more. Ramirez-Stapleton concludes, “Kids are never too young and adults are never too old to learn about the complex world we live in or their role and ability to make it better for everyone!”

Lissa D. Ramirez-Stapleton, PhD was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Her work, service, and teaching are focused on building bridges between Deaf and hearing Communities of Color through education, activism, and mutual respect. She is a hearing Associate Professor at California State University-Northridge in the Deaf Studies department.

Shawn Richardson was born in Tucson, Arizona and grew up in Maryland most of his life. He has been passionately drawing since he was a little Deaf boy. After working as a production associate with Preservation magazine at the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, D.C. for many years, Shawn moved to Texas and does various jobs including freelance graphic art.
The book can be purchased on Amazon. Please contact Lissa Ramirez-Stapleton ( or 937.689.5127) to order in bulk or to schedule an interview. Visit to learn more about the author.
*** 40% of the proceeds go back into the Black Deaf community through scholarships and educational initiatives.
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