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Education Alumni Spotlight: Rosina Chavez

April 24, 2023

Rosina Chavez

Rosina Chavez
Categorical Program Advisor/ Title I Coordinator
Elementary Educator

CSUN, Bachelor of Arts 1997
CSUN, Mutiple Subject Teaching Credential 1998
CSUN, Masters, Education Adminsition 2003

Why did you choose CSUN? / What did you study? / What was your experience at CSUN?

I first joined CSUN after transferring from a city college. I wanted to stay local and close to my family and having grown up in the San Fernando Valley CSUN offered the full university experience along with the closeness to my family and community. I was studying to become an elementary school teacher and completed my Bachelor of Arts and then soon after  entered the Teacher Credential Program. I later decided to pursue my master's in administration at the time when CSUN collaborated with the Los Angeles Unified School District and developed a cohort program, this program collaboration made it possible for myself and others to pursue a master's in administration and keep working full time by providing classes after work, providing registration of classes through a university liaison and offering payment programs.  My experience at CSUN was positive and rewarding, being the first in my family to attend college I found  CSUN offered a community for learning and growing. Later when I was pursuing my master's, the collaboration with LAUSD made it possible for me to attend the program and still work full-time as a teacher and coordinator. I truly enjoyed my time at CSUN.

Why do you think that CSUN’s work is important?

I believe that CSUN’s work is important because it allows students of all ages and backgrounds to pursue an education that is meaningful and rewarding. The credential program has prepared many new teachers to become influential educators and role models for their students and school communities. CSUN has collaborated with LAUSD with student teaching and I myself have placed CSUN student teachers who have become exceptional future educators.

Why did you join the Alumni Chapter Board?* What do you hope to accomplish on the board?

I joined the alumni board because I wanted to give something back to the college community. I especially wanted to mentor and support those first-generation college students entering the teaching profession and letting them know we are a large community of experience, support, and resources. Before the Education Alumni Chapter was established I joined the CADA Chapter and gained experience with supporting various mentoring events and workshops. As a member of the chapter, our goal is to provide opportunities for networking, support, and resources to our current and future teachers. I feel privileged to be part of this chapter that wants to inspire and support current and future educators.

Would you encourage others to join / why?

I would encourage all education alumni to join the chapter and become a part of a growing community that strives to share, inspire and support the everchanging future of the education profession.