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Dr. Wendy W. Murawski Gives Inspirational Lecture on Co-Teaching

October 24, 2017

Professor Dr. Wendy Murawski held a lecture on the topic of co-teaching to a crowd of approximately 180, including politicians and representatives of education. "Our job is to provided instruction to the students we have, no the students we used to have, those we want or the students who exist in our dreams."

Co-Teaching is about cooperation in planning, teaching and evaluation. Wendy compared Co-Teaching with marriage and four phrases: dating, engagement, wedding and marriage. These phases were used in order to tell how important communication and cooperation are for the educators and teachers involved. Through the lecture, Wendy engaged the participants with different types of small activities, "brainbreaks" - like questions, interactions, so that participants were constantly given the opportunity to relate to the input she had.

Wendy says Co-Teaching does not take place without challenges, especially at start-up, such as different personalities, administrative support and time. But when teachers and educators Co-Teach, using both their personal and professional knowledge and experience, it provides several benefits for the students in competences, such as learning, behavioral and social.

The key to good Co-Teaching is good planning; laying the foundation for good teaching from the five different models.

Several participants expressed their enthusiasm and inspiration and hoped that the method would be possible in the future.

Wendy was pleased with the opportunity to give a lecture for Fredericia teachers and educators, and had a great interest in the issue of Co-Teaching for politicians, managers and teachers.

Wendy ended her presentation with the following quote: "Our job is to provide instruction to the students we have, not the students we used to have, those we want or the students who exist in our dreams".

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