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College of Education Joins CSU Deans' Statement on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

October 1, 2021

The Michael D. Eisner College of Education at CSUN joins with CSU deans in support of a statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Read the statement in PDF format

CSU Education Deans' Statement in Support of
Culturally Sustaining, Equity Driven, and Justice Focused Pedagogies


As Leaders of Colleges and Schools of Education in the California State University System (CSU), we are directly opposed to any theory, practice, or action that interferes with the educational process. Our goal is to ensure that we prepare educators who can uplift, inspire, and engage students, all students. We will continue to provide educators with the tools that will allow them to embed student culture and lived experiences, including language, race, and ethnicity into the curriculum so that each educator can engage each student. We are educators and that is our job.

It is our responsibility to prepare educators to value and educate all children. To do so, future educators must recognize children's individual strengths and needs, the community cultural wealth they bring with them to the classroom, and the systemic challenges and opportunities that impact their experiences in TK12 schools. This requires that future educators grapple with the realities of structural racism in our society. We stand with our faculty, students, and alumni who engage culturally sustaining, equity-driven, and justice-focused pedagogical practices in order to improve learning opportunities for all students.


Signed by:

Aimee Nelson, Director, Center for Careers in Teaching, Fullerton

Angela Trethewey, Dean, CSU Chico

Brian Sevier, Dean, CSU Channel Islands

Cathi Draper Rodriguez, Chair, CSU Monterey Bay

Cheryl Ney, Dean, Charter College of Education, CSU Los Angeles

Chinaka DomNwachukwu, Dean, CSU San Bernardino

Cynthia Grutzik, Dean, Graduate College of Education, San Francisco State University

Deborah Summers, Associate Dean, Chico State

Deedee Perez-Granados, Associate Dean, School of Social Sciences and Education, CSU Bakersfield

Edward Jadallah, Dean, College of Education, California State University Monterey Bay

Ernest Black, Systemwide Director, CalStateTEACH

Fred Uy, Director, CSU Office of the Chancellor Heather

Lattimer, Dean, San José State University

Hend Gilli-Elewy, Interim Dean, Cal Poly Pomona

James L. Rodríguez, Dean, CSU Bakersfield

Jann Pataray-Ching, Chair, Cal Poly Pomona

Jenelle S. Pitt Parker, Associate Dean, Kremen School of Education and Human Development, CSU Fresno

Jennifer Ostergren, Dean, CSU San Marcos

Jessica Zacher Pandya, Dean, CSU Dominguez Hills

Joanne M. Van Boxtel, Interim Associate Dean, Cal Poly Pomona

Kathy Howard, Associate Dean and Director of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships, CSU Channel Islands

Kevin Taylor, Director, School of Education, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kim Case, Associate Dean, Fullerton

Laura Alamillo, Dean, Sonoma State

Laura Portnoi, Associate Dean, CSU Long Beach

Laurie Stowell, Director of the School of Education, Cal State San Marcos

Lisa Hutton, Interim Associate Dean, CSU Dominguez Hills

Lisa Kirtman, Dean, CSU Fullerton

Marcos Pizarro, Associate Dean, San José State University

Oddmund Myhre, Dean, CSU Stanislaus

Pia Wong, Associate Dean, Sacramento State

Randy Yerrick, Dean, Fresno State

Rebecca Bustamante, Associate Dean, CSU-Long Beach

Rebecca Justeson, Director, School of Education, CSU Chico

Rebecca M. Bustamante, Associate Dean, CSULB

Robert Williams, Dean, CSU East Bay

Sasha Sidorkin, Dean, Sacramento State

Shari Tarver Behring, Dean, CSU Northridge

Shireen Pavri, Dean, CSU Long Beach

Stacie Robertson, Interim Associate Dean, CSU San Bernardino

Y. Barry Chung, Dean, College of Education, San Diego State University