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Partnership Activities/Needs

Professional Development in the following areasStrategies for teaching gifted students Aligning Core Standards to the Content Area The Arts; visual, performing Infusing Art in the Core Curriculum Math Science Language Arts Technology
Other NeedsSetting up Science Labs Teaching Robotics – Robotics Kits Student Activities on the CSUN Campus Field Trips, Performances Service Learning Students to work in classrooms and to help supervise play periods CSUN students to support Physical Education activities on school sites Performing Arts Majors to make presentations at local school sites – Assemblies


Please know that this list reflects the pervasive areas of need in our local schools. There will be many other opportunities for participation available. By completing the short survey above (under "Reach Out to Us") I will be able to better fit your areas of expertise with our local school’s needs. I look forward to your involvement with our Partnership Schools. If you are interested please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you, and I know that our schools will appreciate your support and participation.

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