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Institute for the Advancement of Educational Studies and Programs

The purpose of the Institute for the Advancement of Educational Studies and Programs, hereafter referred to as the Institute, is to coordinate and facilitate interdisciplinary research activities, scholarly projects, College-wide grant activities, community services, professional services and demonstration initiatives supported through the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, which cannot normally be conducted by individual faculty members or departments. The Institute will advance better communication and collaboration among College departments, faculty and staff. One of its principal foci will be to encourage and help prepare current and future educators, school leaders, therapists, school psychologists, school counselors, deaf studies specialists and other educational professionals to better support the educational and emotional needs of school students and their families.

The Institute will promote professional development opportunities for College alumni and other educators in the region and will facilitate collaboration with outside organizations that enhance the College mission. Through integration of the College's scholarly activities and community services with the activities and research of relevant partners and professionals in the community, we will advance effective educational practice and integrate new methodological approaches into the College curriculum to strengthen teaching and learning. As such, The Institute will be a primary vehicle to aid in maintaining College research and programming at the forefront of educational innovation. The Institute functions as the "umbrella organization" for current and new College or departmental centers in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education as provided in the Guidelines for the Organization and Administration of Centers, Policy Number AA 150-06, April 28, 2000. As a result, all chartered College and departmental centers will continue to be independent yet also interactive units in The Institute, including any future centers as recommended by the Dean of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education [...]

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