Faculty Council

Personnel Committee

Membership: The Personnel Committee shall be a wholly elected Committee of seven faculty members of professor rank. No more than two faculty members from any one department shall serve on the committee. A member of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education Personnel Committee may not concurrently serve on the University Personnel Promotion and Retention Committee or on a department personnel committee.

Election: Regular elections shall be conducted in two phases during the Spring semester and shall include two alternates to serve only upon disqualification of elected members.

A primary ballot shall be conducted to determine from a list of eligible professors, a minimum number of candidates equal to twice the number of vacancies to be filled.

A run-off ballot shall be held to determine from the results of the primary ballot the highest scoring eligible candidates to fill vacancies.

Special Election: A special election by the general faculty of the College of Education will be held to fill an unexpired term of any Personnel Committee member. The time of such election shall be held within five school days of the vacancy.

Term of Office: The three faculty members receiving the highest numbers of voting have a two-year term. The faculty members receiving the next highest number of votes have a one-year term. The faculty members who are carried over from the previous year will continue service until their term expires. Faculty members elected during the year shall fill a vacancy year.

Any eligible faculty member elected to the College Personnel Committee shall be obligated to serve no more than two consecutive terms (4 years) after which he/she can be on furlough for two years. Faculty members have the option to continue to serve on the committee and not accept the two year furlough.

After a two year hiatus, a faculty member shall again become eligible to be elected to the College Personnel Committee and, if elected, may serve no more than two terms (4 years) after which the furlough again applies at the time of election.

Committee Functions: Committee functions shall be in accordance with those outlined in the current University Administrative Manual Section 612.