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Student Teaching


Field experiences, including two student teaching assignments, are an integral part of our credential programs, providing teacher candidates with opportunities to observe and develop effective practices in managing and organizing the classroom, and planning, teaching, and evaluating the curriculum. As candidates progress through the program, they assume greater responsibility for classroom activities, teaching the curriculum, and assessing students. Research in best practices in teacher education suggests that the most effective student teaching experience is one that is well coordinated with various other elements of the candidate’s preparation. Student teaching represents the capstone experiences for teacher candidates and provides them the opportunity to apply, elaborate, extend, and adapt skills and understandings they acquire in the program to the practical realities of the classroom.

Student Teaching Placement

Teacher candidates are assigned to classrooms of Mentor Teacher in partnership schools. These Mentor Teachers have been selected through an application process that includes a classroom observation by either the Field Office Director or school principal. Mentor Teachers participating in the program demonstrate an understanding of the developmental nature of learning to teach and a desire to mentor aspiring teachers into the profession.

The first semester of student teaching, Supervised Fieldwork, includes an Early Field Experience component followed by 10 weeks of half-day student teaching, participating during the morning hours of the class schedule. Candidates should plan to begin at least 30 minutes before the pupils begin their day and remain until at least approximately 10 minutes after the break for lunch. During this experience candidates will teach lessons in English Language Arts, English Language Development, and Mathematics. During Week 10, students will complete one week of all-morning takeover of the class. Teacher candidates enrolled in E ED 520 or E ED 477B at the same time as student teaching, complete the observation/participation requirement in those courses in the same classroom as student teaching prior to the start of student teaching. If candidates are currently working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a public elementary school in CSUN’s service area, they can request to be placed at that school in their first semester of student teaching. For more information on how to request your TA school, please contact the Field Experience Office.

In the second semester of student teaching, candidates again complete an Early Field Experience followed 10 weeks of full-day student teaching, participating for the full school day. Students should plan to begin at least 30 minutes before the pupils begin their day and remain a minimum of 10 minutes after the end of the school day. During this experience students will teach lessons in all subject areas: ELA/ELD, mathematics, history-social science, science, physical education, health education, and visual and performing arts. During weeks 9 and 10 students will complete two full weeks of takeover of the class. Candidates will be placed in a classroom setting that reflects a different grade level range than what was experienced during first semester student teaching. It is expected that by the close of the second assignment, the teacher candidate will demonstrate a level of competency expected of the beginning elementary teacher. 

Apply to Student Teaching

Candidates must submit a Student Teaching Application during the semester prior to the one in which they wish to student teach. An application for the second student teaching assignment is only required if both assignments are not completed in consecutive semesters. If conditions are not met or your plans change, you will need to file a new student teaching application. If your plans to student teach changes after you have submitted your student teaching application, you must notify the Credential Office and the Field Experience Office. You can apply online through the Credential Office's Student Teaching Application Website. Please visit their site for further information about deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Student Teaching Documents and Materials

Below are a few key documents for the student teaching experience. Once accepted into student teaching, candidates will have access to a Canvas page with all required documentation. Please note, documents are subject to change. Please refer to the Canvas page for the most up-to-date information.

Multiple Subject Credential Student Teaching Handbook

Department of Elementary Education Lesson Plan Format Legend (updated Spring 2022)

Department of Elementary Education Lesson Plan Format Word Document Download (updated Spring 2022)

Department of Elementary Education Early Field Experience (EFE) Log

Department of Elementary Education First Semester Student Teaching Requirements

Department of Elementary Education Second Semester Student Teaching Requirements