Elementary Education

Department of Elementary Education is Hiring!

March 13, 2023

It’s that time!

EED is recruiting for adjunct instructors and university supervisors across our entire program.

Please apply and upload documents here:  https://na1.documents.adobe.com/public/esignWidget?wid=CBFCIBAA3AAABLblqZhCe_7SS2gaMkDVpggsCFE1Hv0bqmXX39gNrjlg3He8OiJe76sw_-i3HsDhUM00qwBY* 

Current Applicants Reapplying to the Instructor Pool: Please submit this application form and current resume. All interested applicants must apply for the upcoming academic year, this includes current employees.

New Applicants: Please submit this application form, a letter of interest, current resume, one (1) letter of recommendation, and an unofficial copy of your most recent transcript if you are a brand new applicant or if you have not taught since AY 2018-2019.

Please direct any questions to the Chair, Dr. Greg Knotts at: greg.knotts@csun.edu 

Accepting Applications until 12PM ON APRIL 3, 2023 

Thank you,