Elementary Education

Multiple Subject Credential

The Spring 2019 application deadline is Thursday, January 10, 2019 at midnight.

The Multiple Subject Credential Program is primarily designed for persons who wish to teach elementary school children coming from diverse backgrounds. The Program includes foundational coursework in educational psychology, working with diverse populations, and teaching students with disabilities; a full complement of discipline-based methods courses; field experience, and two semesters of student teaching in elementary schools within the university’s service area.


There are four program pathways by which a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential can be obtained:

Traditional (Post Baccalaureate)

This program is for aspiring teachers who already hold a Bachelor’s degree in any subject area and want to earn a preliminary teaching credential in order to become elementary school teachers.


This program is offered in partnership with local school districts and provides an opportunity for candidates who are presently full-time public elementary school teachers to complete a preliminary credential while teaching four semesters in their own self-contained classrooms. The program also includes coursework, field experiences and seminars.

Integrated Teacher Education Program

This program serves students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree and preliminary teaching credential and hope to teach in elementary schools or special education programs.

Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Education Program

This is an accelerated, full-time, two-semester preliminary teaching credential program that allows students to work in a cohort to complete fieldwork during the day and coursework in the afternoons and evenings.

Additional Options

For those students who hold: (a) a Single Subject Teaching Credential and wish to add a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential; or (b) a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and want to add other authorizations, contact the Credential Office website.