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Preliminary Multiple Subject Program Application

This program offered in partnership with local school districts, provides an opportunity for candidates with full-time employment as public elementary school teachers to complete a preliminary credential while on the job. The program, comprised of coursework, field experiences, and seminars, prepares interns with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with diverse urban learners. Courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening.

For advisement, please contact the Intern Coordinator: Professor Jill Frieze

  1. Program Eligibility
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

Distinctive Internship Program Features

  • Leads to Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential.
  • Offers alternative program option for Bilingual Authorization. 
  • Includes highly interactive courses and seminars that link theory with practice and develop reflective practitioners prepared to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse learners.
  • Ensures individualized advisement and mentoring.
  • Provides individual guidance and support from CSUN faculty and school site personnel in the classroom of each participant throughout the program.
  • Allows for coordinated transition from district/university pre-internship programs to CSUN internship program.
  • Provides university transcript that documents credential coursework, facilitates transfer to school districts in any state, and qualifies interns for university-based advanced degree studies.
Total Required Units: 41
EED 500 – Foundations of Elementary Teaching (3)
EED 520 – Reading Instruction for Diverse Learners (3)
EED 550B – Supervised Fieldwork and Seminar (2), taken for first three semesters
EED 577 – Language Arts Instruction and English Language Development  (3)
EED 565M – Mathematics Curriculum and Methods (3)
SPED 420 – Improving the Learning of Students with Special Needs (3)
EED 565S – Science Curriculum and Methods (3)
AAS, CHS, ELPS, AFRS, ARMN 417 – Equity and Diversity in Schools (3)
EED 575 – Integrated Social Studies and Arts: Curriculum and Methods (3)
EED 515 – Learning Technologies (3)
KIN 595PE – Applied Methods for Physical Education (1)
HSCI 465ELM – Teaching Health in the Elementary School Classroom (1)
EED 559C – Supervised Fieldwork Seminar (2)
EED 559F – Student Teaching Seminar (1)
EED 551C – Intern Teaching and Seminar (3), (student teaching)