Educational Psychology & Counseling

Career Education & Counseling Certificate

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting applications for this program. Please check back regularly for updates on this program.

The purpose of this certificate is to provide students who have previously completed a masters degree or Pupil Personnel Services Credential or who are concurrently enrolled in a masters degree or credential program in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling with knowledge and professional skills in career counseling theory, applications, and program development; organizational theory;career and educational information; individual and group vocational assessment; and career counseling for special populations. These areas have been identified by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) as essential competency areas for National Career Counselor Certification (NCCC).

Students completing the program will earn a Certificate in Career Education and Counseling, and will be prepared for employment as career counselors in educational settings, including schools; business, industry and government; community-based agencies and organizations;and career counseling/consulting firms.

Prerequisites for the Certificate Program

  • M.A./ Educational Psychology and Counseling,a field approved by the Program Coordinator;or a Basic Pupil Personnel Services Credential,or Concurrent enrollment in a masters degree program in Educational Psychology and Counseling or PPS Credential.
  • One course in the Sociology of Work (SOC 340), or Organizational Behavior (MGT 360), or the equivalent.
Suggested Course Sequence by Semester*
Total units required for the certificate: 27
*All programs must be approved by the program coordinator. This listing is provided for information purposes only, is subject to change without notice, and is not guaranteed to be correct. The student should consult the university catalog and the program coordinator for further details and course descriptions. Students must also complete a professional development requirement.
Semester 1EPC 657ASeminar Career Counseling Theory (3)
 One of the following:
 MGT 670Organizational Behavior and Administration (3) or
 SOC 400Social Organization (3) or
 EPC 607Motivation in Learning and Development: Theories and Applications in Educational Psychology (3)
Semester 2EPC 653Measurement for School and Career Counseling (3)
 EPC 655Seminar in Counseling Theory and Practice (3)
 EPC 657BSeminar in Career Counseling Resources (3)
Semester 3EPC 658Seminar in Group Counseling (3)
 EPC 658LGroup Counseling Laboratory (1)
 EPC 660Counseling for Career Adjustment and Change (3)
Semester 4EPC 662Current Issues in Career Education and Counseling (3) or
 SPED 612Special Education for the Handicapped (3)

Professional Development Requirement

In addition to certificate course requirements, students will be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of professional development training outside of a classroom setting. Approved training might include conference attendance, seminars, and workshops. Students may not receive certificate validation for professional development training in excess of ten hours per semester.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

As required by federal law, Gainful Employment Disclosure is provided for the Certificate in Career Education and Counseling program.