Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

About ELPS

ELPS Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare and inspire educational leaders to maximize student learning and access, link theory to best practice, support collaborative partnerships, and promote culturally responsive leadership in a diverse environment.

Doctoral Program

The mission of the Doctoral Program is to create a network of school and college administrators prepared to effect profound change in teaching and learning that leads to improved student achievement.

Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Leadership

The Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Leadership prepares students for mid career higher education leadership positions. Also, this degree prepares students interested in enrolling in an Ed.D. or Ph.D. Higher Education program.

Master of Arts Degree and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

The Master’s/Preliminary Administrative Services Credential prepares current teachers and certificated personnel in the areas of educational and instructional leadership with a focus on the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be successful 21st century school leaders.

Clear Administrative Services Credential

The Clear Administrative Services Induction program is designed for current school administrators who need to complete the requirements to obtain a Clear Administrative Services Credential. 

The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department is currently planning to offer the Clear Administrative Services Induction program beginning AY 2020-2021.