Deaf Studies

Introducing Lisa Hermatz

September 25, 2023

Lisa Hermatz

Lisa Hermatz, a member of the American Sign Language Teachers, has taught college level ASL for over 20 years for Pierce College & Glendale Community College. She is delighted to be joining the Deaf Studies family as an Assistant Professor here at California State University, Northridge after teaching as an adjunct for two years. Outside of the education system, Lisa has translated ASL work for several projects including DawmSignPress Once Upon a Sign video-series and for Deaf West Theatre, where she has also done thespian work. Lisa's passion lies within translating lyrical works into the beauty of ASL, what she likes to call "creating visual music" and she enjoys working as a consultant for those who venture into this genre of entertainment. Lisa served on the board of the national Deaf Women United organization and is a co-founder and executive director of KODAWest, Inc., a non-profit organization that serves children with Deaf parents. Lisa earned her bachelor's degree in Deaf Studies/ASL Literature from CSUN and her master's from Gallaudet University's Sign Language Education Program (MASLED). She is thrilled to become the faculty advisor to CSUN’s Alpha Sigma Theta sorority, the very one she witnessed being established in her own home back in 1987. Life does come full circle!