Deaf Studies

Christine Mitchell

Christine Mitchell
Lead Staff Interpreter
Office location:
ED 1107


Christine Mitchell is the Lead Staff Interpreter in Deaf Studies. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Mitchell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a MA in Education56, Illinois State QA-5 and RID NIC Master interpreting certifications. Christine first encountered interpreting as a student at Horace Mann Middle School in Lakewood,Ohio which housed the area DHH program. Her passion for interpreting comes from life-long friendships in the Deaf Community, lived experiences as a child doing solidarity interpreting in school while learning to sign, and mentoring by professional interpreters. She continued interpreting throughout college while at MacMurray College in Jacksonville Illinois where she lived and worked at the Illinois School for the Deaf and surrounding community as well as at Gallaudet where she was an undergraduate visiting student in 1996. She enjoys learning and passing along skills, knowledge and practical application through mentoring, professional development and self-study. Christine has served as an ASL tutor, ASL teacher, Interpreter, SCPI rater, VRS Manager and Director, among other career