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Subject Matter Requirement


On July 9, 2021, the Governor signed AB 130 (Chap. 44, Stats. 2021) which established new options for demonstrating the Subject Matter Requirement (SMR). The options allow the Commission and Commission-approved preparation programs to verify that a candidate or applicant has demonstrated subject matter proficiency by qualifying college-level coursework.

Options available prior to AB 130

  • Completion of a subject matter program approved by the commission.
  • Passage of a subject matter examination (the California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET).

Additional options resulting from AB 130

  1. Successful completion of coursework, as verified by a Commission-approved program of professional preparation that addresses each of the Commission-adopted domains of the applicable subject matter requirements. 
  2.  Successful completion of an academic major in the subject they will teach.
    • For Single Subject credentials, the major must be in one of the subjects named in Education Code section 44257(a).
    • For Multiple Subject credentials, the major must be in liberal studies or an interdisciplinary major that includes coursework in the content areas identified in subdivision (b) of California Education Code section 44282           
    • For Education Specialist credentials, the major must align with one of the acceptable majors for the Multiple Subject credential or Single Subject credential.
    • The current statutory language does not provide leeway for the acceptance of closely related subjects; the degree major match must be exact. 

3. A combination of coursework and examination options that meet or exceed the domains of the subject matter requirements. 

Meeting Subject Matter by Academic Degree Major 

  • In order to meet subject matter by degree major, the degree major must correspond to the authorization to be listed on the teaching credential. 
  • The current statutory language does not provide leeway for the acceptance of closely related subjects; the degree major match must be exact. Review the following link for a list of acceptable academic degrees.

Meeting Subject Matter by Coursework or Combination of Coursework and Exam

  • Coursework must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and must addresses each of the domains of the subject matter requirements adopted by the commission in the content area of the credential.
  • A combination of coursework and CSET exams may be used, coursework must meet the criteria in the previous bullet point. 

Important! CSUN is currently evaluating coursework for current CSUN students or Alumni, in the following subjects only.

  • Physical Education: If you are a current Kinesiology major at CSUN or were granted a Kinesiology degree from CSUN, please contact the Subject Matter advisor, Dr. Belinda Stillwell at (818-677-3253) to schedule an appointment.
  • American Sign Language (ASL): CSUN Deaf Studies program offers five concentration options, if your concentration is in ASL/ASL Literature or Pre-Deaf Education then you have met subject matter for ASL. All other concentrations can request coursework evaluation by contacting the Deaf Studies Department at

For frequently asked questions regarding these new options, please visit the following link.