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Student Teaching Applications

Candidates must submit a Student Teaching Application during the semester prior to the one in which they wish to student teach.

Student Teaching Application Required for Teaching Credential Program Only. 


SPRING 2020 DEADLINE DATE: December 1, 2019


  • If you wish to student teach the first semester you enroll, your credential program application must be received no later than November 1, 2019
  • Your student teaching application will not be processed unless you have been admitted to a Credential Program.
  • If you were admitted under Exceptional Admission because of GPA, you are not eligible to student teach until you have completed one semester of post-admission coursework.
  • CPR certification is required for second/final student teaching assignment.
  • If you have exams, courses and/or other pre-requisites that are in progress during the semester of application, they must be completed by January 2, 2020.

 To be eligible for student teaching all of the following requirements must be met:  (You may submit application if these items are in progress)

  1. Basic Skills Requirement
  2. Subject Matter Competency: Passage of appropriate subject matter exam or completion of subject matter program for Single Subject and Special Education only
    FYI and JYI only: completion of 80% subject matter program
  3. Writing Proficiency (one of the following options):
        CBEST writing score of 41 or better
        UDWPE with a score of 10 or better
        Approved Upper Division Writing course ENG 305, ENG 406, or COMS 321 with a grad of "C" or better
        Passage of CSET: Writing Skills
  4. Valid Fingerprint Clearance
  5. Tuberculosis Clearance
  6. Passage of ASLPI (Education Specialist DHH Program students only)
  7. Prerequisite courses must be completed (see your credential progress report for prerequisite and co-requisite requirements)
  8. GPA Requirement: Maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 for all coursework taken after admission to credential program.  Maintain cumulative 3.0 GPA in Professional Education courses.  A grade of “C or better” is required in all courses.
  9. Other program conditions, if applicable
ACTACT candidates do not need to complete a Student Teaching Application.
ITEPITEP Multiple Subject candidates are required to attend an ITEP Student Teaching Orientation Meeting. ITEP Education Specialist candidates DO NOT need to attend the orientation meeting, fill out and submit the application listed below.


Apply for student teaching using our online application


If you have questions concerning student teaching placement and supervision, please contact the appropriate department.

Multiple SubjectElementary Education Department(818) 677-3183
Single SubjectSecondary Education Department(818) 677-2580
Education SpecialistSpecial Education Department(818) 677-2596