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Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

The Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (RLAA) authorizes the holder to assess student reading and provide reading instruction in response to those assessments. RLAA holders are also authorized to develop, implement, and adapt the reading content curriculum and assist classroom teachers in these areas.  Holders of the RLAA are authorized to perform the following duties at the school site level (could be at one or more school
sites) at the grade levels authorized by their prerequisite teaching credential: 

  • Provide direct reading intervention to students and adapt instructional practices and strategies to provide direct specialized reading instruction to students with severe reading difficulties including monitoring and adjusting intervention instruction;
  • Participate in the adoption of literacy curricula, facilitate and monitor implementation of adopted curricula, and support and assist teachers in the use of literacy curricula;
  • Select and administer ongoing formal and informal diagnostic assessments of students’ progress, report results, assist teachers in modifying instructional practices, and use the results for student placement in and exit from reading intervention programs;
  • Interpret results of school-wide reading assessment data to monitor student progress and identify modification of instructional practices and strategies to assist teachers;
  • Develop, implement and adapt reading and literacy instructional materials, technologies, and strategies in alignment with students’ assessed reading and literacy needs including the prevention and intervention of reading difficulties; and assist teachers to ensure that the full range of students develop proficiency; and
  • Assist students’ and teachers’ use of information and communication technologies and the development of digital literacy skills.


Admission Requirements 

1. University Application
Complete the California State University application at Cal State Apply. There is a $70 application fee.  
This application is not required if currently enrolled as a CSUN graduate student.
2. Credential Program Application
All candidates must submit a separate online credential program application along with a nonrefundable $50.00 application fee (an additional $1.38 service fee will be assessed at checkout).
3. Transcripts –  Official transcripts from each institution you have attended (including community colleges) must be submitted with your University application. If you are a CSUN graduate, the only transcripts you are required to submit are for any other post baccalaureate coursework that you have completed at another institution. 

Electronic transcripts:

  • In your previous school’s transcript ordering system, choose "CSU Northridge" as the recipient. If this option is not available, use as the recipient email address.
  • If submitting California community college transcripts, please review eTranscript California and use this convenient system.
  • If you are a CSUN graduate, the only transcripts you are required to submit are for any other post baccalaureate coursework that you have completed at another institution.
  • Both Graduate Admissions and the Credentials Office will have access to your electronic transcripts, so no duplicates are needed.
  • Please do not send identical, duplicate electronic and paper transcripts!

Paper transcripts:

  • If your previous school(s) do not supply electronic transcripts, have official paper copies of your transcripts sent in unopened envelopes to:
California State University, Northridge
Office of the Registrar
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8207

4. Valid Credential - You must possess a valid basic teaching credential and hold an English Learner Authorization or a valid clear designated subjects teaching credential.

5. Verification of Experience  - Provide verification of three years successful, full-time teaching experience in any grade or subject, preschool through adult. Acceptable experience does not include student teaching, internship-teaching, substitute teaching or teaching while holding an emergency credential. Verification of experience must be on the district or employing agency letterhead and signed by the superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of personnel, or director of human resources.

Contact Information and Advisement

For questions regarding the program application process, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2733 or

Academic advisement is conducted by Dr. Mira Pak. 

Program Completion Process

Information regarding how to apply for the Reading Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential can be found on our website.

IMPORTANT! Before beginning the online application, make sure you are not logged into the CSUN portal.  All required documents must be uploaded with your online application do not mail or fax any documents.  The only item that should be mailed are transcripts, if applicable.

Application & Submission Guide

Please read our application guide fully, then check the box below to proceed to submit your application.

This guide will also assist you during the application submission process. If you experience issues while completing your application, refer back to the guide prior to contacting the Credential Office.