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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program is a graduate program designed for persons who wish to hold an administrative or supervisory position at either a school or district site requiring an Administrative Services Credential.

Master’s Program in Educational Administration

Since the Master's Degree in Educational Administration through the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies has the same course requirements as the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program, candidates are encouraged to apply to both programs.

Admission Requirement

The Master's and the Credential are separate programs. Admission to one program does not constitute admission to the other program. In addition, successful completion of one program does not indicate waiver of the other program's entrance requirements. Please note that you should apply for admission to the Master's program before you begin taking courses.

1. University Application

Candidates not currently enrolled at the University will have to submit an application. Complete the online application at Cal State Apply.There is a $55 application fee. We have recently upgraded our online university application to the Cal State Apply system. This upgrade is still in progress and so some of our academic programs may not be immediately visible. If you are having difficulty with Cal State Apply, you can seek help via: 

Information regarding application materials which must be submitted to the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies can be found on the department’s website.

2. Credential Program Application

After being admitted to the master’s program and within the first semester of coursework, all candidates must submit a separate program application to the Credential Office.

  • Online Program Application- Submit online along with nonrefundable $50.00 application processing fee (an additional $1.38 service fee will be assessed at checkout).

3. Transcripts - Official transcripts documenting a baccalaureate degree and all post-baccalaureate work must be submitted in person or by mail to the Credential Office at: 

                                                                                                 Cal State Northridge
                                                                                                 Credential Office EA 103
                                                                                                 18111 Nordhoff Street
                                                                                                 Northridge, CA 91330-8265
IMPORTANT! Do not mail in transcripts until you have submitted your online application. You should request all transcripts sent directly to your home address, once you have gathered all transcripts you may submit them. Official transcripts from each institution you have attended (including community colleges) must be submitted to Admission and Records. Your Bachelor's degree must have been awarded by a regionally accredited institution of higher learning

4. Valid CredentialProvide a copy of an appropriate valid California teaching or services credential and hold an English Learner Authorization.  This may be a preliminary, professional clear, standard or general credential. You must document five years of experience and hold a clear credential in order to be eligible for the Administrative Services document at the end of the program.

5. Basic Skills – Detailed information regarding options for meeting this requirement can be found here.  Proof of having passed or attempted is required for admission.  If you turn in an attempt that is not passing, you will need to pass prior to being recommended for the credential. 

6. Letters of Recommendation – Two letters of recommendation from practicing school administrators.  These letters should indicate that you possess administrative and leadership potential.

Program Requirements

ELPS 600 Research in Education (3)
ELPS 650 Contemporary Administrative Leadership (3)
ELPS 663 Legal Aspects of Educational Administration (3)
ELPS 664 Business and Financial Aspects of Educational Administration (3)
ELPS 672 Management of Human Resources (3)
ELPS 676 School and Community Relations (3)
ELPS 675 Decision-Making Simulation (3)
ELPS 681 Organization and Administration of Elementary, Secondary and Special Education (3)
ELPS 682 Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction (3)
ELPS 688 Fieldwork (Must be taken with no more than 6 units remaining) (3)
ELPS 697 Comprehensive Examination (3)

Field Work Requirement

Fieldwork in Educational Administration is the capstone experience in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program. Upon completion of all coursework the student is considered for admission to the fieldwork program. Such admission is contingent upon: achieving a "B" average in all prescribed courses, having the endorsement of the administrator of the school where the candidate is teaching, and being adjudged a desirable administrative candidate by the Department screening committee.

The "Contract" which the sponsoring administrator executes with the Department commits him/her to provide a definite program of administrative experience for the candidate. The evaluation check sheet, also completed by the sponsoring administrator prior to admission to fieldwork, guides the University supervisor in directing the candidate into experiences that will strengthen his/her weaknesses.

Additional Program Requirements

In addition to successful completion of Administrative Fieldwork and required coursework, the candidate will need to fulfill the following requirements to be being eligible to apply for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

  • Basic Skills - Verification of successful completion of Basic Skills
  • GPA– 2.75 overall since admission and 3.0 with no grades lower than “C” in the professional program coursework.
  • Valid Clear Credential – This must be a clear teaching or services credential
  • Verification of Experience - A minimum five years full-time experience on the teaching or services credential. Verification of experience must be documented on the district or employing agency letterhead.
  • Verification of Employment - Verification as an administrator (not required for the Certificate of Eligibility) must be submitted using the form found here.

Contact Information and Advisement

For questions regarding the program application process, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2733 or

All students must receive academic advisement from the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies graduate coordinator as soon as possible or at least prior to completion of 12 units of coursework. Contact the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies by calling 818-677-2591. 

Program Completion Process

Information regarding how to apply for your Administrative Services Credential document can be found on our website.