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January 1, 2013

School Nurse

The School Nurse Program has been suspended until further notice and is no longer accepting new students. If you are a current student in this program, please contact the chair of the Nursing Department, Dr. Marianne Hattar-Pollara ( ; office phone 818-677-4081).


The Student Aid Commission has informed us that they are no longer accepting new APLE applications. If your application has previously been submitted it is our understanding that those will be honored. For future updates regarding APLE please visit the Student Aid Commission website.

Effective Spring 2013, the processing fee for all program applications will be $25.00.

All Spring 2013 applications must include a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $25.00.

Fall 2012 Deadline Dates:

  • Exceptional Admissions - 7/31
  • Basic Programs (Complete) - 8/17
  • Intent to Apply (ITA) - 8/31

The experimental Health Science courses (HSCI 396HS, HSCI 496TH, and HSCI 496ADO) have been renamed and the changes are in effect for Spring 2012.

  • HSCI 396HS has been renamed to HSCI 365LS
  • HSCI 496TH has been renamed to HSCI 465ELM
  • HSCI 496ADO has been renamed to HSCI 466ADO

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing is in the process of changing to a new recommendation system.

Credentials recommended by CSUN and not paid and process completed by the candidate are in jeopardy of being deleted. At this time we anticipate the new system being in place by mid November. If CSUN has recommended you for a Credential or Certificate please complete the process as soon as possible.

Spring 2012 Application Deadlines:

  • Basic Applications 01/16/2012
  • Intent To Apply (ITA) 01/20/2012
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