Credential Office

Initial Internship Credential

The Internship Program is an alternative pathway to earning a California Teaching Credential. When qualified candidates are not available, school districts often search for an individual who has partially completed a credential program and shows great promise of being highly successful. Through a partnership between the school district and CSUN, interns complete a state-approved professional education program. The College is not involved in finding internship positions for its students. If you are interested in the Intern option, you are responsible for securing employment in a public school setting.

The Intern option is available in the following programs: Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist, and Pupil Personnel Services.

Letter of Intern Eligibility for Multiple SubjectSingle Subject and Education Specialist

Admission Requirements

You must meet all admission requirements for the program you are seeking the Intern option.  For admission requirements and online application click here.

Submit a complete program application under the Traditional pathway option online. (Contact the Credential Office if you are eligible for the Intern Program but have missed the application deadline.)

Meet with the appropriate Internship Coordinator/Faculty Advisor 

  • Multiple Subject Candidates contact Jill Frieze
  • Single Subject Candidates contact David Moguel
  • Education Specialist Candidates contact Tamarah Ashton
  • Pupil Personnel Services Candidates contact your advisor in the EPC Department

The Internship Coordinator will go over the following Eligibility Requirements for the Internship Credential:

  • Offer of Employment
  •  Bachelor’s Degree (must be from a regionally accredited institution)
  •  U.S. Constitution (not applicable to PPS or Admin.)
  •  Basic Skills 
  •  Subject Matter (not applicable to ECSE, PPS or Admin.)
  •  Valid CTC Fingerprint Clearance 
  •  Pre-Service (not applicable to PPS or Admin.)

For Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Education Specialist candidates, special emphasis will be placed on completion of the Pre-service requirement. If you have met pre-service, you will be given paperwork to document that fact. If you have not yet met pre-service, the coordinator will assist you in developing a plan to meet the requirement. Once you have completed the plan, you must contact the Internship Coordinator to obtain verifying documentation. The date of completion must be clearly entered on the documenting form. All pre-service hours must have been completed prior to the issuance date of the credential. 

Offer of Employment

Upon securing an offer of employment an Intern Authorization for Employment form will need to be completed. Section one of the form is to be completed by you, section two by your employer and section three by the University Internship Coordinator. The University Internship Coordinator/Faculty Advisor will sign this form only after the employer has completed section two. The date of initial employment requested must not be prior to the date you completed the eligibility requirements or the Coordinator will not be able to sign.

Applying for Intern Document

IMPORTANT! In order for our office to submit the recommendation for the Intern Credential to the CTC the following forms must be submitted to the Credential Office.

  1. Intern Authorization for Employment Form
  2. Documentation of Completion of Pre-Service  (Provided by Intern Coordinator)
Mail forms to: Cal State Northridge, Credential Office EA 103,18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8265 or email to 
Once the Credential Office has received the required forms we will submit the online recommendation, you will be notified by the CTC to complete the ‘Personal and Professional Fitness’ questionnaire and payment portion of the process.  Please note that the CTC processing system requires both an e-mail address and a credit card to complete this step.  Payment of $100 must be made within 90 days of the recommendation date or CTC will cancel the recommendation. A few days after making your payment, the CTC will forward a payment confirmation number to you.  Provided that there are no extenuating circumstances, the CTC will then send you an e-mail confirming that the credential has been issued.  Following that, you will receive one additional e-mail notice which will provide the details of your credential.  This final notice is the one you will use for employment purposes. Your credential and all information pertaining to such will appear as granted on the CTC website.

Important Notes:

Please review the items listed above as “Eligibility Requirements for the Internship Credential.” If you know that you have not yet submitted to the Credential Office, documentation regarding the completion of one or more of these items, you must include them with your Internship Credential Request.

Please note in order to be eligible for the Intern Credential you must be in good standing in your previous or current university and in the CSUN credential program, if applicable.

We cannot stress enough, the importance of prospective interns making sure all forms submitted in this process are filled out completely and accurately. If the paperwork comes in correctly and you have met all requirements, an Intern Credential will typically be filed within five working days of receipt. Please note that failure to complete Intern Credential processing, including payment, will jeopardize employment and program eligibility.

An Intern Credential is only issued for two years. In the event you are unable to complete the program requirements within the allotted time frame, you may request a one year extension. For information on this process, please review the information on how to Appeal to Extend an Internship Credential.