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How To Apply


Application DeadlineDecember 1st        July 1st
*Students who want to student teach the first semester in the program must apply to the credential program by:     November 1stJune 1st
Intent to ApplyJanuary 2ndAugust 1st            
Exceptional Admission  December 1stJuly 1st

* Students who want to student teach the first semester in the program must submit a program application by the date listed on the table above.  After submitting a program application by the above date, please also submit a separate student teaching application by the deadline, found here.  ACT program candidates do not need to complete a Student Teaching Application.  

Important Education Specialist Program Information

By fall 2022 all teacher preparation programs that prepare candidates for an Education Specialist credential will have transitioned to meet new program standards and prepare their candidates to meet the new Education Specialist Teaching Performance Expectations. CSUN will offer the mild/moderate support needs (MMSN) and extensive support needs (ESN) credential as one program.  Upon completion of the program, candidates will earn two specializations: (1) mild/moderate support needs, and (2) extensive support needs.

Application requirements and instructions for the Preliminary Teaching Credential Programs (Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist) can be found below: 


Review Information Before Applying


Apply to the University

 Admission to the program is a two-step process, with its own departmental review process and supplemental program application. In addition to the CSU university application, you must also submit the supplemental Credential Program application. If currently enrolled as a CSUN graduate student or if applying under the ITEP or FYI/JYI option, the University application is not required.

  • In your previous school’s transcript ordering system, choose "CSU Northridge" as the recipient. If this option is not available, use as the recipient email address.
  • If submitting California community college transcripts, please review eTranscript California and use this convenient system.
  • If you are a CSUN graduate, the only transcripts you are required to submit are for any other post baccalaureate coursework that you have completed at another institution.
  • Both Graduate Admissions and the Credentials Office will have access to your electronic transcripts, so no duplicates are needed.
  • Please do not send identical, duplicate electronic and paper transcripts!
Paper transcripts: 
  • If your previous school(s) do not supply electronic transcripts, have official paper copies of your transcripts sent in unopened envelopes to:
California State University, Northridge
Office of the Registrar
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8207
Foreign transcripts (if applicable):
  • Applicants with international transcripts must provide a copy of an official evaluation to the Credential OfficeAn official detailed evaluation of coursework must be conducted by an approved agency, for a list of approved agencies visit FOREIGN TRANSCRIPT EVALUATION (
  • The official evaluation will need to be mailed to the Credential Office at the following address:

CSUN - Credential Office

18111 Nordhoff Street

Northridge, CA 91330-8265



Apply to the Credential Program

  1. Review application requirements, instructions and deadlines for the program of interest.
  2. Submit your credential application and all other required materials by the deadline listed for the specific credential program to which you plan to apply.
    • There is a nonrefundable $50.00 fee for this application. (An additional $1.38, nonrefundable service fee will be assessed at checkout.)
    • Start early and be prepared to scan and upload documents. 


1. Degree: Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. (not required for those applying under ITEP, FYI/JYI pathway options, but must have at least junior standing with the university)

Pursuant to Education Code Section 44320(a), undergraduate students (senior standing) admitted to a teaching credential program are allowed to enroll in professional preparation courses.

2. GPA Requirement: A cumulative GPA of 2.67 or a 2.75 in your last 60 units is required for admission. A cumulative GPA of 2.67 is required for ITEP, FYI/JYI pathway options.

3. Subject Matter Requirement: The subject matter requirement is required for admission. (not required for those applying under ITEP, FYI/JYI pathway options). Subject matter competency can be verified in one of the following ways:

For detailed information about these options, click here 

                   California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

    • Detailed information regarding the CSET can be found at, Here you will find information regarding how to register for the test. Information regarding the tests format, content, practice questions and a full practice test are also provided.
    • It is important to note that CSET scores have a validity period of ten years. If you do not qualify and apply for your credential within that time frame, you will need to retake the exam.
    • Please have the test scores sent directly to CSUN from the testing agency. If scores are not on file with CSUN, you will need to contact the testing agency to request a copy of the test results be sent to CSUN.

Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved Subject Matter Program

    • A Subject Matter Program is an organized course of undergraduate study which meets the Commission on Teacher Credentialing standards for subject matter preparation.
    • The document you provide to verify completion must be signed by an authorized person in the education department of a California college or university with an approved program.

Academic Degree Major 

    • In order to meet subject matter by degree major, the degree major must correspond to the authorization to be listed on the teaching credential. 
    • The current statutory language does not provide leeway for the acceptance of closely related subjects; the degree major match must be exact. Review the following link for a list of acceptable academic degrees.

Coursework meeting the Domains of the Subject Matter

Combination of Coursework and Exam meeting the Domains of the Subject Matter

4. Fingerprint Clearance: Classroom observation and student teaching are a large part of the credential program. In order to be placed in a classroom setting, you must first obtain fingerprint clearance. Applicants must possess a valid Certificate of Clearance or other CTC issued document. Details as to how to apply for the Certificate of Clearance are provided on this link

Important: You must upload the email you will receive from CTC verifying you have submitted a certificate of clearance application. This email only serves as verification that you have applied for the clearance not that it has been granted.

  • It is important to note that the Certificate of Clearance has a validity period of five years. You must maintain valid fingerprint clearance throughout your time in the credential program.
  • Some candidates may already hold a valid document through the CTC, for example; a substitute teaching permit, activities supervisor’s certificate, etc. In this case, that document would meet the fingerprint clearance requirement.

5. Tuberculosis Clearance: Applicants must provide verification of freedom from active tuberculosis. The TB test report or a letter from a physician regarding a chest x-ray, must have been administered within the last two years and clearly indicate a negative result. This test may be completed at any health facility. If the applicant is a current CSUN student, they may contact the CSUN Student Health Center for a tuberculosis test. The telephone number is (818) 677-3666.

6. Early Field Experience: 

  • Applicants must have participated in an early field experience working with a group of school age children in the general population they will be teaching once they receive their credential. This experience must have taken place within the last five years and must consist of at least forty-five hours of paid or volunteer experience.
  • Please complete the Early Field Experience Verification form  and submit with your credential program application, be sure to obtain an appropriate signature from a supervisor.
  • Examples of acceptable early field experience include: teacher aid, teacher assistant, substitute teacher, camp counselor, coach, Boy Scout volunteer, Girl Scout volunteer, YMCA volunteer…

7. Statement of Objectives: Applicants must write a one to two page typed essay addressing the following questions:

  • Why do you wish to become a teacher?
  • What will you contribute to the profession?
  • What do you plan to achieve as a teacher?

Special Education Applicants- Applicants to the special education program are required to submit a Disposition Self Reflection form in addition to the statement of objective. 

8. Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are required to provide the name and email of two recommenders who will be sent recommendation requests forms once you complete your online applications.  Your recommendations requests will not be sent until you submit your credential application and pay the application fee, so applicants are advised to submit the online applications early to give the recommenders ample time to complete and submit those recommendations by the deadline date. Recommendations must be completed by a faculty member, or someone who is knowledgeable regarding the applicant’s personal qualities and ability to work with children.  Recommendation from family members and friends are not acceptable.

The email notification sent to the Recommenders will include the link to the following forms:

For any concerns regarding the timeliness of your recommendations being submitted to the Credential Office, please contact the recommenders that you provided on your online application. 

9. CPR Certification: Applicants must provide proof of valid CPR certification, which satisfies criteria established by the American Heart Association or the the American Red Cross. These areas include infant, child and adult CPR. 

Submit a copy of your signed CPR cared (front and back) or PDF certification, with your online program application. Details on the acceptable CPR course can be found on the following link.

Additional Requirements 

  • A letter of Good Standing from the Dean or Program Director of your previous program is required if you were enrolled in a credential program at any other institution(s) or school district(s) but did not complete their program.
  • Program Interview: All program applicants are required to participate in an interview with a College of Education faculty member. You will be notified to schedule this interview after your application has been reviewed.
  • ACT Pathway Applicants – An additional supplemental program application is required when applying to the ACT Pathway (Fall admission only). The application can be found on the ACT website. 
  • Basic Skills Requirement (BSR): The basic skills requirement is not required for admission however, it must be met within your first semester of enrollment (not required for those applying under ITEP, FYI/JYI pathway options). You will be notified at the start of your first semester of enrollment whether you have met the BSR by coursework or if you need to take the exam. Detailed information regarding options for meeting the Basic Skills requirement can be found on the CTC website.



  • Important: Email is our primary form of communication to keep in contact with you throughout the admission process. After this initial process, we will communicate only through your CSUN email account. Check often for CSUN correspondence sent to your CSUN email
  • Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by email to schedule a program interview. 
  • If you would like to student teach during your first semester of the program, you will need to complete and submit a Student Teaching application. Please note that the Student Teaching Application deadline is earlier than the program application. Visit the Student Teaching webpage for deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application link. 




Please note, classes will be in-person format.

Candidate Responsibilities 

Please read the following responsibilities carefully before starting the online program application.  You will be required to acknowledge you have read and understand these responsibilities as part of your online program application.

  • Application Materials - I understand that I am responsible for making photocopies of all materials I submit to the Credential Office. I realize that the items I submit will not be returned to me.
  • Official Communication - I understand that my CSUN student email account serves as my official email account for the university and it will be used for all official communication. I understand it is my responsibility to monitor this account.
  • Program Planning - I understand that coursework has a seven year validity period and that I must complete my program in a timely manner or risk needing to repeat coursework.  I also acknowledge that, due to state changes, requirements may be added to my credential program.
  • Deadlines - I understand that I must submit all required applications and forms complete and on time. I realize that failure to meet a deadline may result in forfeiture of my opportunity for that semester.
  • Academic Standards - I understand that I must maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 after admission to the credential program and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in professional education coursework. A grade of “C-“ or lower is not acceptable. With the exception of specific student teaching courses, which are offered only in this manner, coursework may not be taken on a CR/NC basis.
  • CSET Scores - I understand that each CSET subtest has a validity period of ten years. If I do not complete my program and apply for my credential within this time frame, I will need to retake any subtest which has exceeded the validity period.
  • Student Teaching - I understand that I must apply and be cleared for student teaching and that it is my responsibility to read the information regarding deadlines and eligibility requirements for student teaching. Review student teaching information on the student teaching webpage. I realize that I must obtain the equivalent of a grade of “B” or higher in order to receive credit for having passed student teaching. I am aware that there are geographic limitations on where CSUN will provide student teaching supervision. Please note: CPR certification is required for second/final student teaching assignment
  • Previous Credential Program - I understand that if I was previously enrolled in a credential program at a different institution I must submit a Letter of Good Standing from that institution.
  • Undergraduate Testing Requirements (ITEP, FYI/JYI) - I understand that as an ITEP student I will need to meet the subject matter requirement prior to enrolling in student teaching. I understand that as an FYI/JYI student I will need to verify completion of 80% of the subject matter program prior to enrolling in student teaching.  I will need to verify completion of 100% of the subject matter program prior to credential recommendation. I understand that as an ITEP/FYI/JYI student I must meet the basic skills requirement prior to enrolling in student teaching.
  • Course Substitutions - I understand that after application all coursework must be completed at CSUN. Professional education coursework taken at an institution other than CSUN, prior to application to our program, will be evaluated for equivalency at the time of admission.
  • Credential Request (The Credential Request initiates the application for your credential document.) - I understand that it is my responsibility to submit a Credential Request form, and any necessary supporting documentation, at the beginning of my last semester of coursework in the credential program.   I am aware that this form may not be submitted unless CSUN coursework in progress that semester is all I have left to complete. In addition I understand that there are other requirements I must complete prior to being recommended

IMPORTANT! Before beginning the online application, make sure you are not logged into the CSUN portal.  All required documents must be uploaded with your online application. Do not mail or fax any documents.

Application & Submission Guide

Please read our application guide fully, then check the box below to proceed to submit your application.

This guide will also assist you during the application submission process. If you experience issues while completing your application, refer back to the guide prior to contacting the Credential Office.


Please click on the title of the program to which you wish to apply, below, for application requirements and instructions. 

Intent To Apply  

Application Deadlines for the following programs: For Spring admission deadline is December 1st, for Fall admission deadline is July 1st.

 Teacher Induction Program

Services Credential Programs

Added Authorization Programs