Credential Office

Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist (Mild/Moderate) Program Application

The Program Application Process

Step One: Carefully Review the Information Below

Step Two: University Application

Complete the online California State University application at Cal State Apply. There will be a $70.00 fee for this application. Please review the application guide for credential candidates.If currently enrolled as a CSUN graduate student or if applying under the ITEP option, the University application is not required.

Step Three: Credential Program Application

All candidates must submit a separate online program application to the Credential Office. There is a nonrefundable $50.00 fee for this application. (An additional $1.38, nonrefundable service fee will be assessed at checkout.) You will find a link to the program application at the end of these instructions. Start early and be prepared to scan and upload documents. The items listed below are required. For detailed information, simply click the name of the item. Please note: You will need to apply to the Education Specialist program.

Additional Requirement – A letter of Good Standing from the Dean or Program Director of your previous program is required if you were enrolled in a credential program at any other institution(s) or school district(s) but did not complete their program.

Petition for Exceptional Admission Form (Fall admission only) – Those applying under the Exceptional Admission Option must attach this form to their Credential Program Application. Click here for the required form.

Reapplication Process – If you have been previously admitted or denied admission to the CSUN Credential Program, please click here for special instructions.

Step Four: Program Interview

All program applicants are required to participate in an interview with a College of Education faculty member. You will be notified to schedule this interview after your application has been reviewed.

IMPORTANT! Before beginning the online application, make sure you are not logged into the CSUN portal. All required documents must be uploaded with your online application do not mail or fax any documents. The only item that should be mailed are transcripts, if applicable.