Credential Office

Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential Program

School Counseling & School Psychology

The School Counseling Credential authorizes the holder to perform the following duties:

  • Develop, plan, implement, and evaluate a school counseling and guidance program that includes academic, career, personal, and social development
  • Advocate for the high academic achievement and social development of all students
  • Provide school-wide prevention and intervention strategies and counseling services
  • Provide consultation, training, and staff development to teachers and parents regarding students’ needs
  • Supervise a district-approved advisory program as described in California Education Code, Section 49600

The School Psychology Credential authorizes the holder to perform the following duties:

  • Provide services that enhance academic performance
  • Design strategies and programs to address problems of adjustment
  • Consult with other educators and parents on issues of social development and behavioral and academic difficulties
  • Conduct psycho-educational assessment for purposes of identifying special needs
  • Provide psychological counseling for individuals, groups, and families
  • Coordinate intervention strategies for management of individuals and school-wide crises


You may be required to submit two online applications.  For the Credential Program application we encourage you to start early and be prepared to scan and upload documents.

1. University Application

Candidates not currently enrolled at the University will have to submit an application. Complete the online application at Cal State Apply.There is a $55 application fee. We have recently upgraded our online university application to the Cal State Apply system. This upgrade is still in progress and so some of our academic programs may not be immediately visible. If you are having difficulty with Cal State Apply, you can seek help via:


2. Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling Master’s Degree Program Application

Information regarding application materials which must be submitted to the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling can be found on the department’s website

3. Credential Program Application

After being admitted to the master’s program and within the first semester of coursework, all candidates must submit a separate program application online to the Credential Office.

  • Online Program Application along with nonrefundable $50.00 application processing fee (an additional $1.38 service fee will be assessed at checkout).

4. Valid California Credential or Certificate of Clearance – Information regarding applying for the Certificate of Clearance can be found here.

5. Basic Skills – Detailed information regarding options for meeting this requirement can be found on the CTC website.  Proof of having passed or attempted is required for admission. If you turn in an attempt that is not passing, you will need to pass prior to being recommended for the credential. 

6. Tuberculosis Clearance – Verification of freedom from tuberculosis can be no more than two years old at time of application.

Program Requirements

GPA– 2.75 overall since admission and 3.0 with no grades lower than “C” in the professional program coursework.

Select specialized area for complete program and course information

Contact Information and Advisement

For questions regarding the program application process, please contact the Credential Office at (818) 677-2733 or

Academic advisement is provided by the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Contact the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling by calling 818-677-2599. 

Program Completion Process

Information regarding how to apply for your Pupil Personnel Services Credential document can be found on our website.