Credential Office

Change of Restriction

Intern credentials are restricted documents which can only be used at the site listed on the document. If a document holder wishes to move to another employer, the restriction must be changed. Changes of restriction can only be submitted by the Intern program, not the employer or the educator, and they must be submitted with a paper application. To request a change of restriction (employer) and/or subject authorization on your existing credential, you will need to submit the following items to the Credential Office:

  • Complete Application Webform (41-4). This form can be located on the CTC website. Instructions on how to complete the webform can be found here.
  • Submit $50.00 money order, personal check, or cashier’s check made payable to CTC. We cannot accept cash, or credit cards.
  • Intern Authorization for Employment Form. You must submit an updated form, it must be signed by a representative at the agency/district level, not by someone at the school site. The form must also be signed by the Intern Coordinator. Original signatures are required, the form can be found on this link. 
  • Complete Intern Credential Request Form. Form can be found on this link. 

All forms must be submitted as a complete packet in person or mailed to the Credential Office. Once the above materials have been received and support for the change of restriction has been confirmed, a representative of the Credential Office will write a letter verifying the applicant’s status in the program. The Credential Office will mail the application and supporting materials to the CTC. Confirmation that this portion of the process has been completed will be sent to the applicant, Intern Coordinator and employing agency via email.

Please be aware that the authority to grant or deny extensions rests with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Important Note:
We cannot stress enough, the importance of making sure all forms submitted in this process are filled out completely and accurately. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing will not accept any form containing white outs or cross outs. All forms/letter must be original with appropriate signature (wet or electronic signature).