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Application Instructions

Hello prospective students,

We are excited that you are interested in applying to our programs, and would like to assist you with the application process.

Step-by-Step Instructional Slideshows

Credential Applicants

If you are seeking a teaching credential, please visit our Credential Office website for instructions.

Deaf Studies and Special Education Applicants

If you are seeking a degree in one of our Deaf Studies or Special Education programs, please proceed directly to the "2. University Application" section below. Note that there is no department-specific application for these programs.

Other Doctoral, Masters, & Certificate Applicants

Please note that you must apply separately to your academic department as well as to the CSUN university. It is recommended that you first apply to the department -  instructions for doing so can be found below - before you apply to the university.

  1. Department Applications

    Visit our department websites for instructions on how to apply directly to them.

  2. University Application

    We have recently upgraded our online university application to a new system called Cal State Apply. This upgrade is still in progress, and so some of our academic programs may not be immediately visible. If you are having difficulty with Cal State Apply, you can seek help via:

Finding Your Program in Cal State Apply

Please note that some of our programs have alternate titles in Cal State Apply. You will need to select these titles when applying for one of the following programs.

  • Early Childhood Education: “Education – Educational Psychology”
  • K-12 Administration: “Educational Administration”
  • EdD, emphasis in PK-12 Educational Leadership: “Educational Leadership- CSU EdD-P-12”
  • Multicultural/multilingual Elementary Education: “Education – Elementary Education”
  • All credential programs: “Credential Only”

Department-specific Assistance

For further assistance, you can contact the following representatives from the academic department you are applying to.