Reporting Employee Injury/Illness

Four (4) Step Process:

  1. Report the Injury To Your Supervisor. Report any workplace injury or illness to your supervisor immediately.  Reporting promptly helps prevent problems and delays in receiving benefits, including medical care you may need to avoid further injury.  Click here for the accident reporting flow chart.  
  2. Get Medical Treatment. 

Emergencies: Call 911   

First Aid Only: you may seek care at the CSUN Klotz Student Health Center:  Examples of first aid include minor injuries, illnesses, cuts, scrapes, scratches.

Treatment beyond first aid:

If ambulance transportation is required call 911 and contact EH&S at 818.677.2401

 “Kaiser On The Job" (KOJ) has 3 locations available for ALL Employees:

Woodland Hills Medical  Center 

Panorama City Medical Center 

Lancaster Medical Offices  

5601 De Soto Ave. 13652 Cantara St.   43112 N. 15th St. West
Northside MOB, Entrance #10, 1st floor North 2 bldg., 1st floor, room 156 West Building
Woodland Hill, CA 91376  Panorama City, CA 91402Lancaster, CA 93534
Business Hours: 9AM to 5PM      Business Hours: 9AM to 5PM Business Hours: 8AM to 5PM 
After Hours: Urgent or Emergency CareAfter Hours: Urgent or Emergency CarePhone: (661) 726-2262
Phone: (818) 719-3006  Phone: (818) 375-2233   

All after hour injuries should be treated at Kaiser on the Job (KOJ) in Woodland Hills or Panorama City location.

There are more locations of Kaiser On The Job that may be utilized.  Employees with last name A-K contact Cari Morgan at (818) 677-6510 or L-Z contact Deborah Stewart at (818) 677-3351 for locations.

As a reminder regarding transportation to/from clinics:

        • True emergency – Dial 911 – Ambulance to transport to nearest hospital
        • Injured Employee drives their own car to clinic
        • Injured employee w/out car may take taxi, UBER, Lyft etc.  Keep receipt and Sedgwick will reimburse
        • ONLY as a last resort – An MPP may drive injured worker to clinic

(If you already have a  Personal Physician Designation form, on file in Human Resources, you may seek treatment with that doctor.)

  1. If Treatment Beyond First Aid is Needed, You Must Complete the Employee's Claim for Workers' Compensation :  The supervisor will provide this form within one working day of learning about the injury or illness. This is required to request workers' compensation benefits. Fill out and sign the employee portion of the claim form. Describe the injury completely. Include every part of the body affected by the injury. Give the form to your supervisor to complete the employer portion. Forward the completed form to the CSUN Workers’ Compensation Specialist, employees with last name A-K contact Cari Morgan at (818) 677-6510 or L-Z contact Deborah Stewart at (818) 677-3351. You have now "filed" a claim.  Click here for Human Resources Workers' Compensation Employee & Supervisor Injury Information

4.  Participate With The Accident Investigation. The cause of your injury or illness needs to be determined by a thorough investigation by your supervisor and Environmental Health and Safety using the Supervisor Accident/Incident Investigation Form . The purpose of this investigation is to identify and locate accident causes and not to place blame. Accident investigation can uncover hazardous equipment or materials and helps the supervisor make engineering or work practices changes. Click here for guidance with completing the Supervisor Accident/Incident Investigation form.

For questions, concerns or help please contact:

Environmental Health & Safety at 818.677.2401