Lab Safety Week : Day 5

February 16, 2024

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. When each person in the lab does their part, the lab is a safer place to work.

  • Avoid working alone in the lab. Notify others if solitary work cannot be avoided and have someone periodically check in.
  • Review standard operating procedures and follow them carefully.
  • Review chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and be knowledgeable about the hazards of the chemical being handled and waste disposal.
  • Frequently check hazardous waste accumulation storage areas and arrange for disposal as needed. Avoid accumulating large amounts of hazardous waste.
  • A clean lab is a safe lab! Keep areas tidy and organized.
  • Include safety topics in your lab, school, and departmental meetings.
  • EH&S is here to support academic community in safely achieving their research goals.

Printable PPE Awareness Poster