Form 301 - Guidelines for the Usage of X-Ray Producing Machines


In order to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure and to ensure a safe working environment,these rules of good radiation protection practice should always be observed by radiation workers at CSUN.

  1. DO observe that all radiation producing devices have warning labels.
  2. DO report any change or discontinuance of use of any reportable source of radiation within thirty days to the RSO.
  3. DO use personnel monitoring equipment if you are an individual 18 years of age or older entering a controlled area where you are likely to receive in any calendar quarter a dose exceeding 300 millirems to the whole body, 5 rems to the extremities or 2 rems to the skin of the whole body.
  4. DO observe that signs such as "CAUTION X-RAY" remain posted in those areas where they are required.
  5. DO observe that a visible or an audible alarm signal be automatically activated when x-ray diffraction units are producing radiation.
  6. DO observe that a current copy of Department Form RH-2364 (Notice to Employees) remains conspicuously posted in a controlled area.
  7. DO report to the RSO if any posted document becomes defaced or altered.
  8. DO observe that calibrated and operable radiation survey instrumentation is available and used for all radiographic operations other than in the healing arts. 
  9. DO be sure that each individual who operates a cabinet radiography unit receive a copy of and instruction in the operating procedures for the unit and has demonstrated competence in its use.
  10. DO keep high radiation areas locked except during periods when access to the area is required, with positive control over each individual entry.
  11. DO report to the RSO any condition that may lead to or cause a violation of departmental regulations or unnecessary exposure to radiation.

California Code of Regulations, Title 17 § 30255(b)(2) requires that the following documents be available for reference and review:

These documents are available in Environmental Health and Safety (818) 677-2401