Sanitation/Food Safety

This program outlines the safety steps student groups must follow if they plan to sell or offer food on campus.

Any solicitation or sale on campus needs approval from the Matador Involvement Center. Additionally, the sale or distribution of food, because of the potential illness from spoiled foods, must be screened through the Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S). Therefore, to ensure that adequate measures are taken to prevent food borne illnesses, all non-licensed, non-profit groups planning to sell or offer food on campus must complete a Request for Authorization to Offer/Sell Potentially Hazardous Food, and bring it to EH&S at least one week before the event.

I. Rules for Selling/Offering Potentially Hazardous Food:

Note: foods which support the rapid growth of bacteria capable of causing food poisoning include, but are not limited to:

  • Whipped Cream or custard-filled pies or cakes
  • Poultry, egg, pork or beef products
  • Potato, macaroni, fish or chicken salads
  • Meat and Fish sauces
  • Milk and Milk Product
  • Cooked pasta and vegetables (e.g., refried beans)
  • Casseroles, soup and vegetable juices

II. Food Preparation:

Note: You may not prepare potentially hazardous foods at home!

III. Temperature Control for Perishable Foods:





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