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Single Subject University Intern Program

The Single Subject University Intern Program  (SSUIP) is designed for on-the-job-teachers. The program courses are coordinated and integrated to build skills and knowledge throughout the program in a hands-on, reality-based classroom setting

Support and Guidance: 

Support and guidance will be provided for each teacher intern.  The instructional team for the collaborative program, including the program coordinator, the seminar instructor, and the support provider, will offer advisement and support to the teacher interns. In addition the university supervisor will visit each teacher intern's classroom 4 times during the semester. At the same time an on-site support provider (coach) will observe, collaborate and network with the teacher intern.

Cohort Groups:

The program is designed for cohort groups. All teacher interns ideally begin the program at the same time, move through the program together and complete it as a group. For the first two semesters the cohort participates in a seminar/practica which focuses on challenges and issues which arise in their teaching assignments, as well as prepares the students for the PACT. In addition, teacher interns enroll in one or more professional education course.

Transfer of Credit:

The cohort-based program is a complete and comprehensive course of study. It is assumed that most teacher interns will take the full program as members of the cohort group. However, teacher interns who have completed some equivalent coursework at CSUN may, in consultation with the Co-Directors, move from the Traditional Program to the Intern Program when employed by a public school.


Download and distribute brochure  (use updated brochure)

Note, you may substitute SED 619 (Educational Website Development) or SED 646 (Computers in Science and Mathematics Education) for SED 514 (Computers in Instuction) with instructor approval.  Move to coursework section.

Intern and Traditional Field Experience Course Substitution Clarification
SED 593/593S and SED 594/594S; SED 554/554S

When a candidate transfers from the Traditional Single Subject Credential Program to the Intern Program and has already received credit for SED 554 and 554S, SED 554 and 554S will substitute for SED 594 and 594S in the Intern Program, because the Preliminary Teaching Event is completed in both. The candidate would be required to enroll in and pass SED 593 and 593S before qualifying for SED 555I and SED 555S.

Similarly, when a candidate transfers from the Intern Program to the Traditional Program and has already received credit for SED 593 and SED 593S, and for SED 594 and 594S, in the Intern Program, then SED 554 and SED 554S are not required in the Traditional Program prior to enrolling in SED 555 and SED 555S.  If only SED 593 and SED 593S have been completed in the Intern Program, but not SED 594 and SED 594S, then the candidate will be required to complete SED 554 and 554S in the Traditional Program before qualifying for SED 555 and SED 555S.


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