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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Educational Psychology & Counseling

Pre-Approved Undergraduate Course Substitutions for EPC Prerequisites

Note: Before enrolling, be sure the course will fulfill a prerequisite by checking the Course Substitution list below. If it is not on this list, please email Shannon Sexton, our Graduate Advisor, at epcdept@csun.edu to request a substitution. Include the college name, the course name, number, and catalog description. Other courses may fulfill the requirement, but please check before enrolling.

All prerequisite courses must be a minimum of 3 semester/4.5 quarter units and completed within the past seven (7) years with a grade of 'B-' or better to be considered as a prerequisite substitution.

CSU Campuses

EPC 600EPC 430EPC 451PSY 310EPC 314
BakersfieldPsy 200Psy 210 or Psy 310Psy 321Psy 315EDSE 408/508
Channel IslandsMath 201 or Math 352 or Psy 202Psy 210 or Psy 213Psy 350Psy 313ED 510
ChicoPsy 107 or Psy 200Psy 202 or CD 52 or CD 50Psy 273APsy 381PSY 414
Dominguez HillsMath 131 or Psy 230 or Soc 220Psy 350Psy 464Psy 363TED 402
East BayStat 1000 or Stat 3010Psy 4420NonePsy 4410TED 5301
FresnoMath 11 or Psy 42 or Soc 25Psy 155Coun 174 or Psy 174Psy 166ERF 130 or ECE 130
FullertonMath 120 or Psy 201 or Soc 303CAS 312 or Psy 361Coun 380 or Psy 342Psy 341PSY 311
HumboldtStat 323 or Psy 241 or Soc 282Psy 311Psy 454Psy 438ED 650
Long BeachPsy 210 or Soc 250 or Math 180Hdev 307I or Psy 361Psy 373Psy 370EDP 305
Los AngelesMath 274 or Psy 202 or Soc 210ABChDv 140 or Psy 412A&BPsy 436A or Psy 438PSY 310 & Psy 410EDFN 413
NorthridgeMath 140 or Psy 320 or Soc364Psy 313 or CADV 150 or FCS 330Psy 460 or Soc 481PSY 310EPC 314
PomonaBHS 307 or STA 341Psy 305Psy 417 or SW 301Psy 340PSY 340
SacramentoSWrk 110 or Stat 001 or Soc 101ChDv 30Psy 223Psy 168EDTE 106
San BernardinoPsy 210 or SSC 215 or Math 262Psy 201Psy 386Psy 390ESEC 332 or EELB 310
San DiegoStat 250 or Soc 201 or Psy 280CFD 270 or Psy 230Psy 521Psy 350TE 922
San FranciscoStat 124 or Psy 371Psy 431Psy 521Psy 452SED 651 or 751
San JoséSoc 15 or Soc 102 or Math 164CD 015, CD 060, Psy 102 or Psy 212Psy 165Psy 110EDEL 102 or EDSC 173 or PSY 150
San Luis ObispoStat 217 or Stat 251 or Stat 252Psy 256Psy 323 or Psy 370Psy 405ED 207
San MarcosMath 440 or Psyc 220HD 301 or Psyc 210Psy 340Psy 336Psy 354
SonomaMath 165Psy 302 or Psy 410Psy 428Psy 425ED 418
StanislausMath 1600 or Math 1620Psy 3140 and Psy 3240Psy 4770Psy 3350ED4010

Community Colleges

EPC 600EPC 430EPC 451EPC314PSY 310
Antelope ValleyMath 115Psy 236Psy 240 or Psy 244NonePSY 234
BarstowMath 2 (online)Child 4 or Psych 2 or 4 (online)Psyc/Soc 15 (online)NoneNone
CoastlineMath 160Psych 115 or Psych 118Human Services 101NonePSY 120
College of the CanyonsMath 140 or Psy 135Psy 172NoneNone PSY 240
El CaminoMath 150 or Psy 9A or Soc 9CD 3 or Psy 16NoneNonePSY 15
GlendaleMath 136 or Psy/Soc 107Psy 106NoneNonePSY 115
Long Beach CityStat 1CDECE 47NoneNonePSY 14
Los Angeles (City, Valley, Pierce, Mission, East LA, West LA, Trade Tech, Harbor, Southwest)Stat 1 or Math 225 or Math 227CD 1 or Psy 41 or Psy 11 & Psy 12Soc 17NonePSY 14
MoorparkMath M15CD M02 or Psy M07NoneNonePSY M08
OxnardMath R105 or Psy R103CD R102 or Psy R108PSY R116NonePSY R131
Pasadena CityStat 15, Stat 18 or Stat 50Psy 21 & 22 or Psy 24NoneNoneNone
Rio HondoMath 130 or Psy 190CD 106 or PSY 112NoneNonePSY 114
Santa Barbara CityMath 117 or Psy 150Psy 140NoneNonePSY 170
Santa MonicaMath 54Psy 11 or Psy 19NoneNonePSY 14
VenturaMath V44 or Psy V04CD V02 or Psy V05NoneNonePSY V15

UC Campuses

EPC 600EPC 430EPC 451EPC 314PSY 310
BerkeleyPsy 101 or Stat 2, 20, 21 or Math 54 or 55Psy 140Psy 230A ED 211A or ED 211BPSY 130
DavisStat 13 or Stat 102Psy 101D or 140Psy 165ED 110PSY 168
IrvineMath 131A-B-C or PSY/SOC 10 A-B-CPsy 120D, Psy Beh 101DPsy 122CED 175PSY 102C or 120A, Psy Beh 102C
Los AngelesStat M12 or Psy 100APsy 130Psy 177ED 127PSY 127A
RiversidePsy 011Psy 160Psy 153NonePSY 152
San DiegoPsy 60Psy 101NoneNonePSY 163
Santa BarbaraPsy 5Psy 105NonePSY 124PSY 103
Santa CruzPsy 2Psy 10 or 119Psy 167NonePSY 170

Private Universities*

EPC 600EPC 430EPC 451EPC 314PSY 310
Loyola Marymont UniversityPsy 241Psy 352 or Psy 415NoneEDSE 413Psy 332 or Psy 438
Mount St. Mary'sPsy 240Psy 102Psy 125NonePsy 168
PepperdinePsy 250Psy 322Psy 430ED 561Psy 323
Univ. of So. Cal.Psy 274 or Math 208xPsy 336LPsy 361EDUC 205LPsy 360

Note: There are many other universities – both private and public – that are not included on this list. Please contact Shannon Sexton before enrolling in any pre- requisites not on this list or if you believe that a course you took previously may be applicable as a prerequisite.

Table of Prerequisites (using CSUN course numbers) for Department’s Master’s Programs

EPC 314Educational Psychology (3 units)X*X
EPC 430Development and Learning (3 units)XXXXXX
PSY 310Behavior Disorders (3 units)RecXX
EPC 451Fundamentals of Counseling (3 units)XXXXX
EPC 600Educational Statistics (3 units)XXXXXXX
To be eligible for use as prerequisite coursework, classes must have been completed no more than 7 prior to the time of admission with a grade of B- or higher. All courses must be completed before entry.
X = Required prerequisite
Rec = Recommended prerequisite (PSY 310 will be required for CCSS and CC as of 2012)
* = EPC 314 is preferred over EPC 430 for School Counseling applicants who are not credentialed teachers. Only one or the other is required.
  • DLI&E = Development, Learning, Instruction & Evaluation
  • CC = Career Counseling
  • CCSS = College Counseling/Student Services
  • ECE = Early Childhood Education
  • MFT = Marriage and Family Therapy
  • SC = School Counseling
  • SP = School Psychology