A11Y at CSUN


We incorporate Mobile Accessibility into two existing classroom-based courses, COMP 485 Human-Computer Interaction and ART 396 User Experience/User Interface Design. COMP 485 is directed towards senior undergraduate students and graduate students who wish to learn the basic concepts and current research into the design, creation, and evaluation of computer interfaces. The course will examine how human users interact with computer software and computer systems. ART 396 is a mid-level course for juniors and seniors, mostly studying in visual and graphic design areas, that covers research methodology and design-thinking processes for creating and prototyping interactive products for today’s users. Today, we see people use more mobile computers, such as smartphones and their companion mobile applications including both native and hybrid than any other types of computing devices. Smartphones become the world’s most personal computing devices for everything, dating, ride sharing, finance, gaming, insurance claims, email, music, etc. Both devices and applications should also be designed and engineered as accessible as it is personal for every person including people with disabilities. A higher level of availability of Mobile Accessibility will allow more users with disabilities to go mobile and choose the best technology to meet their needs. 

Apply for The Teach Access Fellowship for 2023-2024 at https://teachaccess.org/teach-access-fellowship-program/