Professor Shirley V. Svorny Scholarship

This scholarship has been dedicated in honor of the late Professor Shirley V. Svorny. During her time at CSUN from 1978 to 2018, Dr. Svorny was a professor of economics where she taught health, labor, and urban economics. In 1996, she founded CSUN's San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center and served as its director for four years. From 2003 to 2009, she served as Chair of the Department of Economics. 

Dr. Svorny would not have wanted financial hardship to get in the way of a promising student's academic success. Therefore, an appropriate way to honor and commemorate Dr. Svorny's mark on the Department of Economics and its students is to award a $1,000 scholarship in her name annually to a full-time Economics major who has excelled academically and who faces financial need. 

The requirements for this scholarship are a minimum of a 3.5 GPA in the Economics Major, 3.0 overall CSUN GPA, full-time Junior standing, and have completed ECON 310 with a "B" or higher. To apply, fill out the application below. This scholarship will be given out at the Nazarian College Scholarship Dinner held in April 26, 2023. 

Are you currently a full-time student?