Economics Graduation Application FAQs

February 4, 2015

Rolled out throughout the Fall 2014 semester, the Economics Department has put together new online resources to help economics majors and minors through the graduation application process. Students are able to plan courses, calculate expected grade point averages (GPAs), and understand the requirements of their academic program, degree, and commencement ceremony. To get started, visit Economics Forms FAQs and read the instructions that apply to you as either an economics major or minor. Watch the video to give you an overview of the process, including the all-new "Economics Graduation Application Workshop" moodle resource. Once you've read the instructions and watched or listened to the overview video, you should be prepared to navigate the process at your own pace.

Applying for graduation is a special time in a CSUN student's career, and the economics department congratulates all who are nearing or on this path of success!