CSUN Econ Professor quoted in WSJ

March 11, 2014

Professor Whitman

Glen Whitman, Professor of Economics at CSUN, was quoted in the March 3rdWall Street Journal on the topic of zombies.  In an article on the rise of “zombie studies” in the academy, Professor Whitman talked about his forthcoming volume, Economics of the Undead, coedited with Professor of Finance James Dow.  The article quotes Whitman as saying the book is academic, but should also interest readers “with a casual interest in economics.”

Economics of the Undead is a collection of essays (written by Whitman, Dow, and many others) that use economic theory to study zombies, vampires, and the humans who live with them.  “Economic issues take center stage in many undead narratives—and when they don’t, they’re still lurking in the shadows,” say Whitman and Dow in the book’s introduction.  “Is there enough food to fill all those hungry mouths?  Do humans have the resources, mental and physical, it takes to survive?  Will people be able to cooperate with others to fight a collective threat—or will humanity descend into chaos and disorder?  These are questions that the discipline of economics is uniquely positioned to address.”  The book is scheduled for publication in Summer 2014.

March 11, 2014