2013 Economics Awards Assembly

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 3:00pm

JH 4117

Economics Department Awards

The Economics Department has multiple certificates and awards. Three are based on academic achievement (grades), the others are not. You only need to apply for the Richard Friedman Memorial Scholarship.  The flyer for this year’s awards ceremony, including a list of all recipients is attached. RSVP here by May 1.

  1. Certificate of Distinction
  2. Certificate of Excellence

Students may only receive the award once. If you do not meet the criteria until AFTER this semester is over, be sure to apply then, you can put it on your resume.

  1. Outstanding Economics Student—goes to the student who has the best academic record. Economics Department faculty selects an Outstanding student from the Certificate of Excellence recipients. This award is a surprise; we’ll announce it at our annual awards event.
  2. The Richard Friedman Memorial Scholarship Award ($300)- not academic, but for students who have overcome significant adversity (personal, health, financial, family, political). WE NEED YOU TO APPLY FOR THIS by Friday, April 26!

When Professor Richard Friedman died in 1997, the Department of Economics established a memorial award in his name. Rick was always the friend of students in need. For this reason, we thought he would be most honored by an award to a student who had overcome significant adversity. The Department gives an award of $300 in the spring semester of each year to the economics major who has overcome significant odds in getting his or her education- the Richard Friedman Memorial Award.

To apply, the only requirement is that you have completed five upper division economics classes (current semester classes do not count). The award is given out at the Economics Department’s annual Awards Event. The application is attached.