Economic Impact

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    CSUN Economic and Social Impact Study

University Expenditures

CSUN-related expenditures totaled approx. $444.6 million during the 2013/2014 academic year, the most recent year available. These expenditures are for the operations of the university ($406.6 million), its auxiliaries (University Corporation, CSUN Foundation, Student Union, and Associated Students, for a total of $37.6 million), and the University Park Development Corporation ($0.3 million). Expenditures reflecting transfers (which do not generate multiplying economic effects) or capital outlays (included in capital expenditures below) were excluded.

Much of CSUN’s spending activity occurs locally, pushing a substantial amount of money into the surrounding economy: 81.5% of all university spending takes place within the Northridge community.

Figure 3: CSUN Expenditure Breakdown (AY 2014-15)

Table 2: Categories of CSUN Expenditures
Expenditure Category Total $
Supplies and Services 69,402,602
Debt Service/Finance Expense 16,157,447
Utilities 9,584,928
Tech. Services 5,533,368
Repairs and Maintenance 4,399,887
Insurance and Litigation 4,343,371
Travel Expenditures 4,107,066
Publications and Subscriptions 2,000,721
Rentals and Leases 1,805,959
State Pro Rata Charges 1,334,541
Postage and Freight 735,715
Communications 714,369
Other Expenditures 2,708,816
Total 122,828,790