Economic Impact

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    CSUN Economic and Social Impact Study

Student Expenditures

Total direct student expenditures amounted to $92.8 million during the 2013/2014 academic year. The bulk of student-related expenditures went toward housing (60.6%) and food and beverage (23.8%). Given the high cost of living in Los Angeles County, it is not surprising that the majority of off-campus student expenditures went to housing.

Table 4: Breakdown of Student Expenditures (AY 2013-14)
Spending Category Total Spending ($) Share of Total (%)
Housing 56,253,095 60.6
Food and Beverages 22,104,606 23.8
Miscellaneous Expenses 8,197,114 8.8
Transportation 6,264,934 6.7
Total 92,819,749 100.0