Economic Impact

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    CSUN Economic and Social Impact Study

CSUN Expenditures Generate $122.1 Million in Tax Revenues Across the State

CSUN-related expenditures, and the secondary revenue and income impacts that result, contribute substantially to state and local taxes in California. Denoted in 2015 dollars, CSUN-related spending during the 2013/2014 academic year generated nearly $122.1 million in tax revenue, including property taxes ($29.6 million), corporate income taxes ($9.6 million), sales taxes ($37.1 million), and other taxes such as motor-vehicle license and severance taxes.

Overall, the presence of CSUN and its operations make a major contribution to state and local tax bases through both large-scale purchases of goods and services and day-to-day spending by CSUN’s students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates, many of whom would not have made these local purchases nor paid taxes on them “but for” the existence of CSUN.

Table 10: Total State Tax Revenues
Region Taxes Paid ($)
Local 85,047,649
County 18,668,996
State 18,366,377
Total 122,083,022
Source: IMPLAN, with calculations by Beacon Economics