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Sistahood Community

About Us

The Sistahood Club (and Support Group) allows African American/Black female students to have the opportunity to receive encouragement in a caring environment. The weekly gatherings are held in collaboration with the University Counseling Services (UCS) and the University Student Union (USU). The students connect weekly in a confidential and supportive setting at USU. The joint sponsorship between USU, the Women’s Research and Resource Center and UCS provides this warm network a safe place for young Black women to connect around day-to-day stressors and other life issues and ethnic-specific topics.

The purpose of our organization is to help African American/Black female students at CSUN to:

  • Increase peer connections within the CSUN campus community.
  • Increase awareness of positive ethnic identity through group bonding.
  • Increase self-confidence through group participation.
  • Receive validation and grow from the sharing of similar stories.
  • Adopt new techniques for coping with life’s challenges in a space to grow.
  • Access to one-on-one mentoring with CSUN professional women of color.
  • Increase retention as an outcome of substantive relationships within the group.