Courtney Button

May 30, 2014

Courtney ButtonCourtney Button is a determined, disciplined, and highly motivated student that is majoring in Marine Biology, which requires many demanding courses. She has struggled with mental-health related disabilities that affect her mood and state of mind, that at times, interferes with her course work.  Determined to be successful, she has developed a process of managing her disability and maintaining her 3.4 GPA. To increase her capacity to learn, Courtney engages in yoga, pilates, weight training and other Kinesiology courses to help balance her rigorous schedule.  This semester, Courtney  completed a Tai Chi course. She describes this course in one word, “relaxing”. She further states, “Yoga and Tai Chi have been the most beneficial in managing anxiety by completing exercises and learning various breathing techniques.” In addition to learning the techniques, she has shown exemplary motivation and enthusiasm to learn. Courtney uses exercise as an academic strategy to re-energize and reduce anxiety. Similar to most students, she has an extremely busy academic, personal, and work schedule.  Courtney highly recommends students to become active and learn lifelong techniques to help manage your state of mind.

To learn more about wellness and getting healthy, you may be interested in iFit, which is designed to pair  you with a one-on-one CSUN Kinesiology student doing fun activities throughout the semester. If interested, please contact teri.todd@csun.edu for more information.